Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do you ever get tired of fulltiming

Do you ever get tired of fulltiming?
Readers sometimes want to know if we on the TiogaRV Team ever tire of fulltiming? Do we ever long to stay in once place? In a real home?

Recently we were thinking about traveling south along the coast of California as part of our journey to return to Mexico. All of us got soooooo excited about that thought! We love the feeling of traveling down a road. Does not matter where we are. We love to be moving.

We also love the feeling that we get when we are walking around a town and return to MsTioga. When we see her. When we see our home. Our MsTioga who is home every where we go! We feel so happy.

How can we ever tire of that!

8AM - Carmel By The Sea
In past years I've been very taken by the seaside town of Carmel By The Sea. So much so that MsTioga Magazine even has a story about this enchanting town [link].

Today however, MsTioga just drove past Carmel By The Sea. Finding a place to park in the tiny streets is challenging. Instead we continued down the hill and made a Shopping Camp near a Safeway store which has WiFi!

12 Noon - Mr. Datastorm has news!
Hi! This is Mr. Datastorm typing at you. And, I have news! I am changing to a new space station! Yes! It's true! Way up high in the heavens, 22,500 miles above our Earth, are a bunch of space stations. One of these space stations is where my signals go when I am writing to you. Pretty neat, huh?

Well, we have had a naughty space station for awhile, whose name is SatMex 5. We are changing to a nice space station called SatMex 6.

For the past few hours, our Datastorm dealer, Steve O'Bosky has been helping us do this changeover from SatMex 5 to SatMex 6. And, after several attempts, we finally got the thing done. Well, not completely. We still have to wait about an hour for everything to settle down and get checked out.

In the meanwhile, we are remaining in the Safeway parking lot and using the Safeway WiFi to let you know what is going on.

2:30PM - Heading down the coast.
Well, poor Mr. Datastorm has worked soooooo hard to transfer over to his new space station, SatMex 6. Finally it was determined thru trial and error, that the ethernet cable connecting the router to the modem was bad. This ethernet cable was replaced.

Mr. Datastorm managed then, to get thru to SatMex 6. However, the required download did not occur. Bad, bad thing!

So, we are going to continue down our journey along the coast. We have spent much to much time messing with Mr. Datastorm, and that's not fun when it lasts soooooo long without success.

5PM - Nite Camped AND Mr. Datastorm is online!
Well, we have very good news! First, we have made our Nite Camp in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We had to pay to stay here at Big Sur. Hopefully, we will not lose our Vagabonder-Supreme status with this rare event.

Mr. Datastorm went up, found his new Space Station [SatMex 6], and went thru the registration process one more time. This time registration took. According to our Datastorm dealer, Mr. Steve O'Bosky, sometimes it is necessary to do the registration several times to make things work.

7PM - Supper and a movie.
This evening for supper is the left over tortellini from yesterday. Left overs are often soooooo much better than fresh. Why is that?

For entertainment, we watched the fabulous movie, "Gone With The Wind". Wow!
Tortellini and a movie.