Monday, November 16, 2009

Fever has broken

3AM - Fever has broken!
Last nite I talked with Son Joe using my TracFone. Joe advised that I take aspirin to reduce my fever. Onboard MsTioga, there is Advil, and I took one of these.

Just a little while ago I woke up and my fever had broken! It is not clear if this fever is gone forever or not. But it sure is amazing how fast a fever can come on and go!

7:30AM - Feeling great!
MsTioga moved away from giant Highway #101 and all of that traffic noise. We are now Camped in a shopping center parking lot. There is a pharmacy here to buy a digital thermometer.

For breakfast I made a nice omelette with cheese, onions and mushrooms.

Hard to find a thermometer!
Over the passed few weeks, four thermometers have been bought. None of these thermometers measured temperature correctly and were returned.

The temperatures on these returned thermometers varied from 96.4 to 97.6.

1PM - MsTioga's brake adjustment.
Over the past several weeks, MsTioga's brakes have slowly gone out of adjustment. This afternoon we went to the Ford dealer in the City of Santa Maria. The service department told that our brakes could not be adjusted! However, MsTioga has had her brakes adjusted several times over the years. Wow!

We went to Wayne's Tires where employee Armando is the head brake man. Armando found that MsTioga's rear brakes had the 'starwheel' adjuster installed backwards! May have happened when our brakes were last adjusted at Ford-Tepic.

The brakes are working great now!

6PM - Nite Camped in Santa Maria.
After making our Santa Maria Nite Camp, we checked email. A surprising email was received from Reader Jack from Massachusetts who wrote:

George, You have a very active imagination. A disaster almost every single day. Water pump breaking. Datastorm breaking. Leveler failing. Refrigerator cooling unit failing. You getting sick. And today you had to have your brakes adjusted.

Do you really expect readers to believe all these disasters are happening to you? Hmmmmm? I sure don't believe it.