Sunday, November 15, 2009


Are you a friend of Firedude, the famous RVer? We have been wondering about Firedude as we approached the Town of Morro Bay. And then yesterday, Reader Otto of Montana emailed wondering if MsTioga and The Team were going to stop and say, "Hi!" to Firedude.

This morning we are heading down to Morro Bay State Park where Firedude is a camp host!

10AM - Ramblin' Ralph and Firedude!
Guess what happened? Ramblin' Ralph and Firedude are hanging out inside MsTioga! Wow! This is such a neat thing! Ralph phoned up while we were visiting with Firedude.

Ramblin' Ralph has his own blog [link]
Ralph & Tony.

1PM - Seeing sights with Ralph.
We drove to Ramblin' Ralphs home and then went to see the sights of the Town of Los Osos. Ralph wanted to show us Spooner's Cove in Montana del Oro State Park. A gorgeous place!
Spooner's Cove

3PM - Hamburgers and home.
I mentioned the word, "Burgers" and Ralph said, "There's a great burger place in Los Osos named Sylvester's." Ralph was right! Sylvester's burgers are wonderful.
Ralph and MsTioga at Ralph's home.

7PM - George has a fever!
Yes! It's true! This afternoon MsTioga and I made a Nite Camp in the City of San Luis Obispo, close to the famous Madonna Inn. We had done our laundry early this morning, and after making this Camp, were putting away the clothes.

I felt soooooo weak! Could barely stand up to hang up my washed clothes. I crawled into bed and slept for two hours!

There is something wrong with our thermometer. I bought this thermometer a few weeks ago. It shows low temperatures. I'm going to buy a replacement electronic thermometer tomorrow. Son David recommends the Braun brand.

I still feel punky, and have that familiar 'slight pain above my eyes' when looking up. A sure sign of fever