Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The flu

The flu?
Yesterday while on-the-road, I began having allergy like symptoms. Runny nose that would not stop! This morning I woke up without the runny nose, but feeling like I have the flu! A cough with some upper lung congestion.

The thing that bothers me most about this, is that yesterday I invited Reader and friend, Pete Olson [link] to visit me inside MsTioga. If I had suspected my runny nose was actually the beginning of the flu, I would not have put Pete at risk!

1PM - Uncle Joe's resting place.
Every time we drive thru the City of San Francisco, we visit Uncle Joe who rests in the National Cemetery in the Presidio. The cemetery is a gorgeous place which is located close to the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I am the only person left who knows exactly where Uncle Joe rests. When I have passed, no other person will likely visit Uncle Joe. So, we decided to place a permanent marker locating our Uncle Joe.

He rests [here] at the green arrow. He is right next to the water hose bibb.

Uncle Joe and George.

3PM - Nite Camped in San Francisco.
It may be commonly perceived that Nite Camping on the streets of San Francisco is not possible. The TiogaRV Team is testing that perception!

We have made a Nite Camp just north of the famous Golden Gate Park and a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

If the powers of San Francisco knock on MsTioga's door tonite, we may be moving this Camp!