Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going to the hospital

7AM - Going to the hospital!
The flu is descending into my chest. I've had this happen before. And if I don't see a doctor quickly, the flu becomes pneumonia!

Our little Garmin Nuvi GPS has a search feature for things like hospitals. The "Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital" is very close to our Nite Camp. I'll be going to this hospital this morning.

8AM - Emergency Care.
When I entered the Emergency Care section of Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, there were no other patients waiting to be seen. I went directly into admitting, and then to an examination room.

After a short while, my doctor arrived. She asked the usual questions, examined me and prescribed a chest Xray. The Xray showed my lungs to be clear. No pneumonia. However, since I have had much experience with flu going into pneumonia, the doctor gave me a prescription for the antibiotic Azithromycin in case pneumonia comes.

By 10am, I was back inside MsTioga. My Medicare is going to pay for some or all of this visit. A subsequent billing by the hospital may happen sometime in the future.

2PM - Courtyard Marriott Hotel
Awhile back we were given a voucher for a one nite stay at any Courtyard Marriott Hotel. Since I am sick, today seemed to be a good one for using that voucher!

The hotel is in Oxnard, California. There is a big screen TV. A very nice tub/shower. A huge bed! And it is very quiet!

Raving about our Garmin Nuvi GPS.
I've written to you before about our Gamin Nuvi GPS. I love this little thing. It is much better than either DeLorme or Microsoft Streets and Trips. The Nuvi is small, and portable. Fits in my pocket for walking around.

Finding a hospital, a gas station or restaurant is a fantastic feature of our Nuvi. There is a huge database inside this little GPS. I can find nearly everything that I need.

Never one time has the Nuvi led me the wrong way on a one-way street. Never has it led me to a street that was not there. The Nuvi knows underpasses from overpasses.

We on the TiogaRV Team recommend the Garmin Nuvi GPS.

What happened to the TiogaRV Team, and why.
You may have read in my blog recently, about me wondering about all the things that have happened to MsTioga and other Team Members since our trip north to the USA. All of the breakdowns. All of the challenges. The tremendous costs. Both financial costs and stressful costs.

Tomorrow we will devote our entire blog post to what happened and what broke.

We will illuminate why these difficult things happened to us.