Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy birthday turkey breakfast

9AM - Happy birthday turkey breakfast!
When I left John & Mimi's home yesterday, Mimi fixed me up with a Thanksgiving Care Package! All nicely contained in plastic storage boxes. This morning I was thinking about all that good food in the fridge!

So, as you may see in the pic below, I am about to enjoy a Happy Birthday Turkey Breakfast. Today is my 72nd birthday!
Birthday boy!

Affluence on the road!
Yesterday in our blog post we commented about our shock seeing so many RVs in the San Diego area, whose owners are living on the edge. Almost destitute. However, this morning we see the other side. Affluence on the road!

From our breakfast table at the Buckman Springs rest stop off Interstate #8, we see a steady stream of RVs heading east into the desert. Affluent RV owners heading out to enjoy themselves during this holiday season.

Many RVs have those garage spaces inside, which are likely filled with ATVs, dune buggys and motorcycles. For every poor person living on the edge in San Diego, there are hundreds living the good life. The life of affluence. And these affluent folks show it by all of these RVs that go streaming by our Camp.

12 Noon - Nite Camped in Ocotillo.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp on a bluff overlooking the tiny Town of Ocotillo. In the distance, Interstate #8 traffic flows, but we cannot hear it.