Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Heading down the Highway One Trail

Heading down the Highway #1 trail!
You may have noticed that we have been going down the coast road. The Highway #1 trail. Well, it is not exactly a trail, it's a road that follows the Pacific Coast of California. MsTioga wants to explore this road a bit, looking for free Nite Camps!

Hwy #1 will take us south so that we may be in Santa Cruz this weekend, to spend time with Son Joe who lives there.

Sometimes computer stuff is tough!
This morning we installed a new wireless router. It is a D-Link brand. The installation was pretty easy. But guess what? We could not connect to our modem! Also could not connect to our Motosat D2 controller.

So, we phoned D-Link for support. D-Link it turns out, has farmed out their support to a company located here in California. If you want real help from this company, you must pay for it. $32/hour.

OK! I needed real help, so I paid for that help. Turned out to be one hour's worth of help. $64 bucks got us going again. There are still some bugs that need to be worked out. Still cannot connect to the Motosat's D2 controller. But we are using Steve O'Bosky our Datastorm dealer and the Datastorm Users Forum for this problem.

Are you one of those who finds that computer problems sometimes are tough? Hmmmmm? I have been using computers since 1980. And I still have problems with them.

What has happened this morning!
Now is time for me to do a little introspection into my brain. Because this morning has been extremely challenging for me. Something was wrong with a component of my internet system. Things pointed to the wireless router. So, I changed out that router.

The router would not hookup correctly, so I phoned for support as I wrote above. However, I had to phone support up again, because Mr. Datastorm's controller would not hook up right. Now that is fixed.

But that is not all. Isn't there always some more? Hmmmm?

Mr. Datastorm is still having problems getting online. Takes a half hour or more. So, I should change out the MODEM too. But I am reluctant to do another change out this morning. Because there always is something that goes wrong with these change outs.

So, for now, I will reflect on all of the things that are going right with the TiogaRV Team. And I will get a perspective on the stuff with Mr. Datastorm that is giving me concerns.

Then, I am going to put all that aside and proceed exploring down the Hwy #1 trail. All of this computer stuff will eventually work its way out.

1PM - Camped in El Granada.
The entrance to where we are now Camped, is El Granada. We like that name because it means The Pomegranate in Spanish.

As you may see in the pic below, MsTioga is surrounded by crab pots. We were told that we likely would not be bothered staying overnite with these crab pots.
MsTioga among the crab pots.

After we visited with Uncle Joe yesterday, Little Mavicita took a pic of the Golden Gate Bridge. The pic came out pretty good and Little Mavicita wants to share it with you.
Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Bay.