Monday, November 02, 2009

Heading for the coast

Heading for the coast!
This morning MsTioga and The TiogaRV Team are leaving Son Dave's home and heading for the Pacific Coast. We want to explore the north bay, the area north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
George and Dave in the kitchen.

10AM - Carquinez Bridge and Suisun Bay.
MsTioga drove over to our friend, Mr. Dick who lives in Martinez. Mr. Dick showed us his huge new computer and we visited for awhile. Then MsTioga headed west on Hwy #4.

We came to the Cummings Skyway turn-off to the Town of Crockett. Being explorers, we took this road thru barren hills. Little Mavicita spotted a gorgeous view of the Carquinez Bridge and the Suisun Bay and asked MsTioga to stop for a pic. So, she did!
View from Cummings Skyway
Carquinez Bridge and Suisun Bay

3PM - Nite Camped in Novato, California.
We have made a Nite Camp behind a Trader Joe's grocery store in the City of Novato. We picked this location after cruising this town. Nite Camping in California is challenging, and this place might be a safe place for us.

Trader Joe's is Aunt Shirley's favorite grocery. We will be sure to go over there to do some shopping!