Saturday, November 28, 2009

Huge wind

Huge wind!
Yesterday about Sundown, a huge wind came up! This wind moved MsTioga like she was a toy RV. Shaking, rocking, rolling! No way to sleep during all of that! So, we watched movies.

About midnite, the wind slowed down to nothing and just quit. Wow! We were so happy about that.

6AM - Early on the road.
We decided to get on the road east early. Wanted to avoid driving right into the Sun. When the Sun did come up, we were in the Town of El Centro, so, we pulled into town, and made a Morning Camp next to a park.

El Centro must have gotten its name because it is about in the center of the State of California.

8AM - Parking ticket.
A cop just came by and gave me a parking ticket for parking more than 18" from the curb. Wow!

PS: I put a check in the mail immediately for the $20. I figured to pay it right away and forget it.

1PM - New leveling jacks?
We are in the City of Yuma, Arizona. There is a Big Foot Leveling Jack dealer here, and we have visited him to find out about installing these jacks.

You may recall that we have had problems with our current leveling jacks. Just recently, the bronze drive nut of our current jack let go and had to be replaced. This is a problem that occurs every few years.

If we decide to have the Big Foot jacks installed, this will mean remaining in the City of Yuma for about a week.