Friday, November 06, 2009

Mr. Dometic died yesterday

Mr. Dometic died yesterday!
Yesterday evening we found that Mr. Dometic, our noble hard working refrigerator, had a temperature of 65°F. Checking the back of the fridge, we found that the propane burner was working fine. But the coils which should be at least warm, were completely cold!

Our experience has been that when this happens to a Dometic refridgerator, this means that the cooling unit is gone. Likely the ammonia refrigerant leaked out somehow. So, the cooling unit needs to be replaced!

In the pic below, Little Mavicita has captured the dreaded "yellow cake", the sure sign of a cooling unit gone bad.
The dreaded yellow cake!

What to do?
So, what are we going to do? Well, first of all we are going to defrost the freezer and clean up Mr. Dometic. Then, we will shop around for a rebuilt Dometic cooling unit. There are companies that rebuild Dometic cooling units for about $600. A new Dometic cooling unit might cost $1,000!

Selecting a cooling unit rebuilder.
I'm thinking about ordering my rebuilt cooling unit from RVCOOLINGUNIT.COM [link]. Have you heard about this company? RVCOOLINGUNIT.COM received some recommendations in the RV.NET forum.

What do you think? Have you bought a rebuilt cooling unit for your RV?

We made a decision!
Several Readers have written both in ShoutBox and in emails, advising to buy a new Dometic refrigerator, not a rebuilt. However, we on the TioogaRV Team have considerable experience with Dometic. We have had installed in MsTioga, two brand new Dometic refrigerators in the last six years! Both of these new Dometic fridges went bad.

The last time that Mr. Dometic went bad in 2006, we had a full service warranty contract with Dometic. This contract provided for a "NO COST" replacement when a failure occurred.

And here is what happened in 2006:
  • A factory rebuilt cooling unit was installed, and it was bad upon installation.
  • Another factory rebuilt cooling unit was installed, and it was bad on installation also!
  • Dometic decided to ship us a brand new refrigerator. Brand new! And now that brand new refrigerator has gone bad in only three years.
We have made arrangements with Cranes RV Refrigeration Inc [link]. Cranes is located in Vallejo, California and will exchange our bad cooling unit and install a replacement rebuilt cooling unit this coming Monday.

Talking about our Mr. Dometic
  • Our Mr. Dometic is a Model RM2620. The current Dometic recall does not include this model number.
  • We never, ever park out of level with our Mr. Dometic turned on.
  • We cannot use an electric fridge, even one that only uses 6 amps. This is actually 6 amps per hour, which would mean at least 60 amp hours to power the fridge during the nite!
  • Cranes RV Refrigeration is the company that we are going to use for our rebuilt cooling unit. Here is a [link] to Cranes website.