Monday, November 09, 2009

Mr. Dometic's new cooling unit

7AM - Mr. Dometic's new cooling unit!
MsTioga and The Team are at Crane's RV Refrigeration in Vallejo, California so that our refrigerator, Mr. Dometic, may receive a rebuilt cooling unit. You may recall that Mr. Dometic sprung a leak last week [link].

It seems that these gas-absorption type refrigerators like Mr. Dometic, are not built to last. Not all of them, mind you. It could be that you have a Dometic that has performed well for many years. However, many RVers have had their Dometic fridges fail time and time again!

This morning, Little Mavicita and I will be watching and recording Mr. Dometic's repair job. And we will be asking questions too! We want to learn why these Dometic's fail so often? Seems that the people at Crane's should know the answer to that question.

9AM - Why did Mr. Dometic go bad?
Can you guess why our hardworking Mr. Dometic went bad? Hmmmm? Well, we just found out! Mark, who works at Crane's RV Refrigeration showed me that the boiler tube cracked at the end of a weld.

Mark also told me that I have been parking out-of-level, and that is what caused the Dometic failure. As you may know, I never, ever, ever do park out-of-level!! So, MsTioga and I believe that the weld was faulty. Or, it could be that the boiler tube is designed with too thin a wall?
Arrow points to the cracked weld.

11AM - Mr. Dometic is cooling again!
The folks at Crane's installed Mr. Dometic's rebuilt cooling unit and returned the fridge to its place inside MsTioga.

Reader Don dropped by to say hello and also to watch Mr. Dometic's repair job. While Mr. Dometic was cooling down, Don and I went over for breakfast at the Butternut Grill around the corner. When we returned from eating, Mr. Dometic's freezer was down in temperature to 32°F.
Reader Don and Mr. Dometic

Cost for Dometic repair
The remanufactured Dometic cooling unit cost $550 plus $80 to remove and re-install. There is 1-year parts and labor warranty included on the rebuilt core.

Note about leveling an RV fridge:
Several readers wanted to know how to level out an RV so that fridge problems do not occur? Very good question. So we asked the guys at Crane's RV Refrigeration.

They instructed to:
  • Place a level on the fridge shelf.
  • Level out the RV to the level on the shelf.
  • Mount a level in your RV at a convenient location..
  • Zero out this mounted level to the level on the fridge shelf.
  • Always keep RV leveled to this mounted level.
PS: Sorry for all the times we used the word "level" in this instruction. But, how else could we do it?

4PM - Nite Camped at Son Dave's home.
We had a Team Meeting, and decided to Nite Camp at Son Dave's home in the City of Concord instead of trying to return to Santa Cruz during the afternoon rush.


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