Friday, November 13, 2009

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

7AM - Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
This morning MsTioga and The Team woke up in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We stayed the nite in the park, because it is almost impossible to dry camp for free around here.

Do you forgive us for paying rent? Hmmmmm?
MsTioga at our Big Sur Camp.

Oh how George gets frustrated!
I have to admit to you, that with all the breakdowns that have been occurring to the TiogaRV Team lately, I have gotten a bit frustrated. Testy too!

Yesterday on the phone with Mr. Steve O'Bosky [our Datastorm dealer], I snapped at Steve. Told him that "I had enough of this Datastorm nonsense!" I said other things too. Things that were threatening and angry!

I wondered what I had done to be treated like this? Then, as soon as I had uttered my angry words, everything straightened out. The Datastorm passed re-installation. All five lights on the modem glowed a pleasant blue.

Did I have to lose my cool for this too happen? Am I being tested? Did I fail the test? Hmmmm?

11AM - Partington Cove where leveler fails!
As MsTioga was wending her way along the gorgeous California coast, we came to a familiar place. It is Partingon Cove! A lovely place! Years ago, we published a MsTioga Magazine story about Partington Cove [link].

Mr. Levelers went down to level out MsTioga. That is when we heard the now familiar sound of the big bronze leveler nut failing. Clunk!

We have three replacement leveler nuts on board, because these nuts ALWAYS eventually give out. If you have read the story of our leveling jacks, you may recall that we do NOT recommend them to our Readers. Click [here] to read our jack story.

1:30PM - Jack repaired!
A young man came walking up the Partington Cove trail with his wife. "Do you need help?", he asked. Why didn't I ask him to help me? I sure could have used help!

Do you remember when I went to the cardiologist in Tequiquiapan last summer? This doctor diagnosed my dizziness and accompanying nausea as coming from heart disease. I have a congenital heart defect. An aortic valve which leaks. Going underneath MsTioga to repair the busted jack triggers this dizziness and nausea. Oh Lord! Was I feeling sick down there!!

I kept telling myself not to quit. I knew that I could do the repair. But actually, I really should not be doing this kind of stuff anymore.

3:30PM - Nite Camped at Rigdon Fountain.
This part of the California coast is soooooo very beautiful. Indescribable! We on the TiogaRV Team have never really believed that RV camping here is restricted. Practically the entire coast is not available to anybody but land owners. Surely allowing MsTioga to make a Nite Camp here will be allowed.

We are making our Nite Camp at Rigdon Fountain. We last Nite Camped here on October 13, 2005 [link]. If you click on this link, you may find another link, the one to MsTioga Magazine's story on Rigdon Fountain. Take a peek!

5:30PM - Terry the bike rider!
A young man named Terry pulled up on his bicycle next to MsTioga wanting to know how far it was to Kirk Creek Campsite. It was about 12 miles away. So, Terry made his Nite Camp across the highway behind the Rigdon Fountain.

I invited him to have supper with me inside MsTioga. Little Mavicita took a pic of Terry about to eat!
Terry about to eat pasta supper!