Saturday, November 14, 2009

The pleasure of being older

The pleasure of being older!
Yesterday's blog post included the story of my dizziness and nausea that I experienced while repairing the busted leveling jack. After that post, email and ShoutBox messages arrived worrying about me. Encouraging a visit to the doctor.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you may know that I've decided not to stay close to medical care. I've given up testing for problems with annual medical checkups. When I am sick, I still go to doctors, however.

I've chosen this way for my life, because I want to live free. Going the medical insurance route would not allow me that freedom. I'm not concerned about how long that I live. I just want to enjoy the pleasure of being older.

Do you understand? Hmmmmm?

2PM - Cayucos Camp.
MsTioga and The Team would love to make a Nite Camp in the Town of Cayucos. As in most towns in California, "No Camping" signs are posted. We stayed here October 15, 2005, and had no problems.

NOTE: A local police car just stopped across the street from MsTioga and the guy inside gave us a very long look, before driving off! Hmmmm?

Equalizing deep cycle batteries.
If you use deep cycle batteries in your RV, you may know about equalizing the cells of your lead-acid batteries. Although I know about the value of equalizing [even wrote about it [link], for some reason lately I've been negligent lately in checking specific gravity.

As a result, the cells in our solar battery bank now have unacceptable differences in specific gravity. The range of specific gravity readings go from 1225 to 1275.

With our Solar Boost 50 battery charge controller, we are able to perform equalization on most sunny days. We are doing an equalization right now. This will be a 30 minute equalization charge. And, we will report the results in subsequent days to let you know how the equalization is going.