Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still sick with the flu

4AM - Still sick with the flu!
Guess what? I am still sick with the flu! Yesterday when I thought my fever had broken, it was only because of the Advil. Thank God, for Advil. Because when the effects of Advil go away, the fever and terrible tiredness come back with a vengeance!

Aunt Shirley wrote email wondering if I have the Swine Flu? I replied with, "I don't know". But now, a day later, it seems as though I sure have some kind of flu.

Quarantine myself seems to be the right thing to do. I'm going to get some face masks for when I have to go out to buy something. Otherwise, I am going to just rest, drink lots of fluids and mess around inside MsTioga.

10AM - What are we up to?
Our little 1KW Honda generator is hooked up and recharging the battery bank. When the batteries are completely charged, we want to do perhaps a one hour equalizing charge. You may recall a few days ago that we promised to update about our equalizing.

Things are going well. All cells are now above 1250 specific gravity. Before some cells were at 1225. We would like all cells to be at 1265 with little variation between cells. In other words, equalized.

Some readers have asked what equalizing is and how it is done? Equalizing is the process where a controlled overcharge is done to a flooded lead-acid battery, in order to get all cells to have the same specific gravity. Here is a site that has good info [link].

2PM - A Mexican neighborhood.
MsTioga has been Camped in a Mexican neighborhood. In the morning, the Mom's walk by MsTioga with their kids on the way to a nearby school. In the afternoon, a street vendor on a bicycle parked right behind us. The vendor sells chips to the kids, which are topped with various chili spiced flavors. Same as in Mexico!
Kids buying chips from vendor.
Viewed from MsTioga's rear window.

George and Tioga at Santa Maria Camp.