Saturday, November 21, 2009

A strange disease

7AM - A strange disease!
Yes! This flu that I have is a very strange disease. For the past 24 hours, it seems that I have no fever. I've needed no Advil. But I am still sick!

This strange disease seem to be heading south in my body. Into my lungs with congestion, and into my bowels with diarrhea. There seems to be no infection in my lungs. Not from the color of the stuff I cough up.

Diarrhea? Well, I am not going to write about the color of that here!

Overall, I feel better. Is this how the flu ends?

4PM - Camped at Roadside Rest.
We have made a Camp at a State of California roadside rest. There is a small hill between this Camp and huge Interstate #5, which somewhat buffers the traffic noise.

There is a dump station at this roadside rest, which MsTioga has already used!

We may stay the nite here. A sign at the entrance provides notice that limits staying here to no more than eight hours.

Still no Advil!
It has NOT been necessary to use any medication, all day long. No Advil! Wow!