Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for what I have

Thankful for what I have!
It is all too easy, even today on Thanksgiving Day, for me to wish for things that I do not have. To be sad for where I wish to be, instead of happy where I am.

My Son Dave is having a big party today. His huge table set for his kid guests [link]. I was wishing that I was there, instead of here. It is soooooo easy to fall into that kind of thinking. But writing here to you, reminds me of all that I have!

I am invited to John & Mimi's home for Thanksgiving supper. John and Mimi have been my friends for several years. And I have celebrated Thanksgiving at their home before. As I will today!

MsTioga is shocked!
We on the TiogaRV Team live close to the street. We are sensitive to what goes on in the streets of America and Mexico.

The last time that we lived in San Diego was in 2007. MsTioga is shocked at the amount of people seen living in the streets now. Many times more than in 2007! At the South Shore boat ramp, there are dozens of RVs day camped. Ordinary looking people in these RVs, not the down-and-out folk.

As we drove along Interstate #8 toward John & Mimi's home, we saw hotels advertising rooms for $59/nite. Not Hotel 6 kind of hotels. We are talking Ramada Inn kind of hotels.

Thanksgiving at John and Mimi's.
As you may imagine, being invited to friends John and Mimi's home for Thanksgiving is just plain wonderful. As I was leaving after supper, they commented to me that I am getting to be a "family tradition" at Thanksgiving!
Mimi and her bird.

Mimi, John and George.