Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time before the dawn

4AM - Time before the dawn.
You may still be sleeping, warm in bed. Nice dreams, misty in your head. MsTioga is rolling down the road. It is the time before the dawn. And we felt the need to be moving on.

Interstate #5 is sort of quiet at this hour. The traffic that is there, passes MsTioga fast. We are in our far right lane, at a comfortable 45.

Why are we moving at this early hour? We do not really know. MsTioga got the feeling to be heading down the road. So we are rolling along in the time before the dawn.

Little A is gone!
As you may know, my Son Dave is a foster parent. Last Friday, one of his three foster kids left Dave's Home. We call him "A", using only the first letter of his name to maintain anonymity.

Though I am now far away, Little A's leaving is a sad thing for me. I got to know Little A who is only 7 years old. Son Dave prepared a slide show for Little A, showing many of the things done while he lived at Dave's Home. I've watched that slide show many times. The pics and music of that slide show pull on my heart strings.

Lord! Why do little kids have to suffer? May Little A be happy in his new home! [link]

12 Noon - American Battery
We have gone to the City of Escondido, which is the home of American Battery. We bought six deep cycle batteries here in 2007. We want those batteries checked out, because they appear to be discharging too fast.