Saturday, November 07, 2009

The wonder of WiFi

7AM -The wonder of WiFi!
The TiogaRV Team is in the City of Santa Cruz in California. We are here to spend a wonderful weekend visiting with Son Joe! We Nite Camped next to a little park where it is quiet.

Mr. HP, our rather new Notebook Computer, turns on. He is not connected to the internet. Then, an amazing thing happens. We plug our new little antenna into one of Mr. HP's USB ports. Like magic, this tiny Hawking Antenna [link] looks around, finds an unsecured WiFi signal and we are online!

Oh my! The Wonder of WiFi!
Hawking Wireless Dish Adapter

2PM - Santa Cruz Diner & Star Trek.
Son Joe and I went for a late breakfast to the Santa Cruz Diner. I love this diner, because the food is fantastic and it is an old fashioned restaurant, the way such places were fifty years ago or more!

After breakfast, we walked back to MsTioga and watched Star Trek, the 2009 movie. Joe and I both love movies, and this Star Trek is a great story!
MsTioga's rear window signs.

If you Read Weng's blog, you may know that AdSense disabled her account. My Son David suggested using InfoLinks in Weng's blog to replace AdSense. I decided to test InfoLinks on my blog too.

The InfoLinks ads are now appearing in my blog. This is an experiment for now, and I have to decide whether to keep InfoLinks on my Tioga-George blog.