Thursday, December 31, 2009


6AM - Cliffhanger!
Yesterday we left off our story about the road repair after the front-loader machine had graded the road. After the grading was finished, Little Mavicita and I returned to MsTioga to share the story with you!

We also wanted to tell Weng about the exciting story of the road repair. So, we returned to Juanita's home to let Weng know what had happened. A few minutes after that, Francisco returned too. And then the dump truck with the load of crushed lime arrived! Wow!

Francisco & Weng decided that this would be a good time to take their van up to their home on the hill. The van could get a tow using the loader machine to go up the steep road.

MsTioga and I went off to make our Nite Camp, and publish the story about the road repair. So, this morning we did not know what had happened after we left.

We have a cliffhanger!

7AM - Kavena & Jorge walk up!
MsTioga and The Team drove over to Juanita's home to see what was going on. The van was gone. We found Weng & Francisco's 6-year old Kavena playing in the yard. Kavena told that her parents were up at their home on the hill!

When I told Kavena that I was going to walk up to their home, she wanted to go too. So, we both walked together.

Isn't it a fun time talking to kids? As Kavena and I walked she encouraged me to find a walking stick. She had a walking stick and told me that when I get tired, a walking stick is a good thing to have!
Following Kavena up the hill.

8AM - Home on the hill.
When Kavena and Jorge reached the hilltop home, we found Weng & Francisco on their porch which overlooks Aticama and the Bay of Matanchen. Weng & Francisco spent their nite sleeping under the stars on their porch table. Cushions were used to make the table soft.

The van is being unloaded, so that another trip may be made down to Juanita's home. Then the van will be loaded up again and driven back up to the home on the hill.

In the pics below, you see Francisco unloading the roof stuff. And Weng bringing the wine into her home for tonite's New Year's Party!
Francisco unloading.

Weng with wine for New Year's party!

4PM - New Year Party!
Little Mavicita and I are heading up the hill for the New Year Party. Everybody coming to the party is bringing some food. We are bringing a pollo asado [BBQ chicken].

MsTioga and the rest of The Team are staying near Juanita's home in El Centro de Aticama.

Happy New Year to you!

Weng bringing flowers for her table.

Jorge & Francisco at sunset.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Repairing the road

Repairing the road!
As you may imagine, for us on TiogaRV Team stuff connected with Weng & Francisco is fascinating. We are torn in two directions. Camping on the beach at Matanchen watching the waves vs Hanging with Weng's family.

This afternoon, a dump truck will arrive from San Blas with cementate [crushed lime] to repair the road to the home on the hill. You may recall that the road was greatly eroded during the rain storms of this past summer. The cementate provides a hard surface which reduces erosion.

We would like to watch that road repair. But how to know when the repair happens if we are Camped on the beach?

Also happening today, Francisco returns to Doctor Eladio in Santa Cruz. It seems that yesterday when MsTioga returned from Tepic, Francisco exhausted himself unloading and storing the stuff that Weng bought. Some of that stuff was pretty heavy.

11AM - High tide.
MsTioga is Camped on the Playa de Matanchen. During the early morning, a high tide came in. When the tide receded, pools of water remained in low places.

In the pic below, Little Mavicita caught MsTioga's reflection in one of the tide pools.
Tide pool reflection.

2:30PM - Waiting for the dump truck.
Little Mavicita and I went up the hill to wait for the dump truck to arrive. We went early, so we would not miss anything. Only Jose was up there with his son. Jose does work for Weng and Francisco. Today Jose was repairing a line of fence.

About 3:45pm, Francisco drove up on his ATV. We waited for the dump truck together. However, instead of the dump truck, a front-end loader showed up. I felt that this was a very fortunate thing. Because the loader was necessary to repair the road's erosion.

In a short time, the loader had the road looking good!
Front-end loader at work!

Francisco happy with the road work!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to town with two ladies

Going to town with two ladies!
This morning at 8am, MsTioga and The Team have a date. We are going to town with two ladies! And lovely ladies they are!

We are going with Weng and her best friend Juanita to the City of Tepic to buy a new stove for Weng's kitchen. MsTioga offered to drive the ladies. We also offered to donate half of the cost of this new stove.

Weng and Francisco have had a very challenging year. Francisco was laid up sick for four months with a lung infection during which he could not work. Their finances are not in good shape now because of this layoff. Still, with all of that happening, they have managed to do their annual trip to the Pueblo of Aticama in order to live in their home on the hill. A home which they themselves built over the last thirteen years.

Weng and Francisco are able to stay in Aticama for only six weeks on this trip. They must return to Portland, Oregon to work and earn money. But for now, they are here in Aticama visiting friends and soon living in their home on the hill.
Weng, Jorge & Juanita in Tepic!

10AM - Shopping in Tepic.
The first thing we did in Tepic is go to the Burger King where the ladies ordered breakfast and I ordered a Whopper Combo. Then, we went shopping for Weng's stove.

We shopped for the stove at Soriana, Coppel, WalMart and finally at Electra. Since we did not know where the Electra store was located, the three of us took a taxi.

Electra is in the center of Tepic. The streets are not wide. A parking space is difficult to find, even for a small car. For MsTioga, parking is not possible near Electra.

We found a stove that Weng really liked. It cost 2000 pesos [$154US]. After paying for the stove, the sales guy from Electra looked for a taxi that would take the three of us and the stove back to MsTioga. And, he found one! Wow!

4PM - Heading back to Aticama.
After shopping for groceries at the WalMart, we headed back to Aticama. By the time we reached Aticama, the Sun had set and it was getting pretty dark. We unloaded the stove at Juanita's home. Then Weng prepared a quick supper for her family and myself.

7PM - Datastorm modem again!
When Mr. Datastorm went to go online, he found that his modem was decommissioned again. However, now we are familiar with the commissioning procedure.

The little "rescue switch" in back of the modem has to be depressed at startup and held down for one minute. Then the file download from HughesNet Network Operations Center begins. And, if we are lucky, the download goes well and the commissioning works the first time.

We were lucky this time!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Weng and the AdSense story

Weng and the AdSense story!
Last Spring I met Weng and learned of her "Mail Order Bride" story. I suggested to Weng that she start a blog to share her story with others. Her blog could contain AdSense Ads which might earn income, which Weng could very much use!

After Weng returned to her home in Portland, Oregon, she setup her Blog. Weng applied to AdSense for an account, and was approved. All went well. AdSense income began being earned. And then tragedy struck!

The computers that Weng and her husband Francisco were using did not have anti-virus protection. Without this protection, these computers became infected. The virus clicked-bombed the AdSense ads! When AdSense found that Weng and Francisco's ads were clicked from their own computers, their AdSense accounts were immediately cancelled.

Weng was devastated by this cancellation. She badly needed the AdSense income and was sooooooo happy to be earning money this way. Now that income was gone!

Weng and Francisco appealed to AdSense to have their accounts reinstated. However, AdSense did not reply to these appeals.

Weng wants to learn computer stuff.
Using email and Skype phone calls, Weng and I have been planning for when we were together in Aticama. Weng wants to learn about web publishing. I want to teach her what I know.

I've installed AVG Anti-Virus software on Weng's notebook computer. Yesterday Weng learned about making pano-photos, and used Autostitch to make her first pano. We are going to work together to publish web pages, similar to the ones in MsTioga Magazine!

I've encouraged Weng not to worry about AdSense. Something will happen in the future to get that mess straightened out. No use worrying about something that will eventually be worked out!

9AM - Dr. Eladio Gaxiola.
This morning Francisco and I are driving in MsTioga to the Pueblo of Santa Cruz to see Dr. Gaxiola. I am concerned about Francisco because he seems to be in a rundown condition. Sleeping most of the day. He also has had shivers.

After listening to Francisco describe his condition and learning what the doctors in Portland, Oregon had diagnosed, Dr. Gaxiola prescribed a vitamin B therapy.
Francisco at doctor's office.

Francisco & Dr. Gaxiola.

Note: I did not consult with Dr. Gaxiola today. I'll return next week. My lung congestion has lessened almost completely. I want to return to the doctor to consult about my prostate condition, a possible hernia and lung condition.

5PM - On the beach!
Tioga and Jorge have spent the afternoon Camped on Matanchen beach at our regular place near Paraiso Escondido. There have been more Mexican tourists to the beach today than we have seen here since last winter!

Now we are breaking our Camp, and heading over to Juanita's home to check up on how Francisco is doing. Then, we will make our Nite Camp in front of Samuel the truck driver's home near the Little River.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going to the doctor

Going to the doctor!
Francisco is not feeling well. He has problems with his sinus which make him feel very weak. Yesterday he spent a lot of time in bed. Today we plan to use MsTioga to drive to Santa Cruz [15 miles south] where Francisco has a good friend who is also a doctor.

I plan to see this doctor also. My lung congestion has improved a great deal, but still has not completely cleared.

Note: Change of plans. We are going to the doctor tomorrow. Today MsTioga will Day Camp on Matanchen beach and we will spend the afternoon with the Gonzalez family.

FAPed again!
Weng & Francisco's oldest son is Francis and he loves to use the internet. During the past two days, I've allowed Francis to use our WiFi access point to go on the internet. Apparently Francis was doing considerable downloading. Now we find that we have been FAPed [link].

This morning I'm going to have a talk with Francis to learn what he has been doing and ask him how he plans to stop getting us FAPed!

2PM - Plans astray!
We changed our plans to go to the doctor with Francisco in order to spend the afternoon with the Gonzalez family at Playa Matanchen. However, the Gonzalez family did not show up at Matanchen!

Oh my! Plans often go astray!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hanging with Weng & Francisco

Hanging with Weng & Francisco!
Yesterday we made our Nite Camp at Juanita's home where Weng and Francisco are staying. During that evening, I messed with Weng's notebook computers which are not working right.

This morning Weng is using MsTioga's kitchen to make breakfast. Isn't that great!
Weng cooking inside MsTioga!

Weng & Francisco in love!

11AM - Walking to the home on the hill.
Weng, Francisco, kids Tommy and Kavena walked up their home on the hill. And I went with them. This is not an easy walk for me. The way up is quite steep at times.

Weng and Francisco found their home had survived pretty good since they left and went north last April.
Weng, Francisco, Tommy & Kavena.
View from the kitchen.

Friday, December 25, 2009

2nd day of Christmas

2nd day of Christmas!
You may remember in yesterday's post, we on the TiogaRV Team thought that Thursday was Christmas. When we learned that Friday is Christmas, we decided to have two days of Christmas. Welcome to our 2nd day of Christmas!

Today we have a lot going on! We are invited to spend Christmas day with our friends the Gonzalez family who are at the Playa Amor RV Campground. Today is also the day that Weng & Francisco are arriving here in Aticama. So, we may be juggling around a bit to be with both families!

Today's blog post.
We are making this blog post using Ms. Vaio, our backup notebook computer. You may recall our decision to use a working notebook computer to do backups. We used to do backups to a Buffalo stand-alone hard drive. However, we were not confident with that system, because we could not test it. With Ms. Vaio being our backup, testing our backup is easy!

If you have ever had a computer failure, you may have learned that simply making backups does not get you all the way back to where you were. When a computer fails, there is other stuff that needs to be updated to be operating the same as before that failure.

With Ms. Vaio being our backup, all of these smaller but still important things come up, and may easily be updated! It may seem extravagant to use a notebook computer to be a backup system. Ms. Vaio cost about $700. We feel it is worth the cost!

8AM - Friends report:
MsTioga drove by Playa Amor RV Campground to check with Mauricio & Edith when to arrive for our Christmas invitation. Their truck was gone, so we figured they went out for breakfast. We will check back with them later this morning.

Then we went to check on the arrival of Weng and Francisco. We found their van at Juanita's home. Juanita is their best friend in Aticama. Weng & Francisco have an RV permanently parked in Juanita's backyard. Nobody was stirring in the RV. Juanita told me that the family arrived last nite at 8pm.

1PM - Christmas at Playa Amor.
On arriving to celebrate Christmas with the Gonzalez family, we were surprised to find that the party is a potluck buffet with the entire RV Campground participating! What a neat idea!

There was a ton of different kinds of food. And lots of it! Nobody went away hungry. There were about 30 people at the party. We even shared gifts! Everybody at the party got a gift.
Edith & Mauricio at the Christmas party.

4PM - Going to Weng's home on the hill.
MsTioga drove to Juanita's home where we finally found Weng and the family. This is the first time since last April that we were all together again!

Weng and I talked and talked! Then we decided to walk up to their home high up on the hill overlooking Aticama. All the kids and some friends of Weng went with us. Francisco was dead tired from driving to Mexico, so he went to sleep in his RV.
Weng looking out at the view from her home.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas clouds

Christmas clouds
Last nite we had rain which was quite heavy at times. Now it is Christmas morning and the sky is filled with dark clouds.

Little Honda generator will have its job cut out if these clouds do not clear!

Note: Isn't it funny that I thought today was Christmas? I am going to leave this Christmas post as-is, and celebrate again tomorrow.

This year, there will be two days of Christmas for Tioga and George!

11AM - Look what happened!
After breakfast came a nice long nap. After the nap, we found that the clouds had flown away! What a gorgeous day!

3PM - Weng & Francisco report:
In Francisco's blog yesterday, he posted from a WiFi access point in Ciudad Obregon. The post stated that the family would arrive in Aticama mid-day today.

However, our Mr. DeLorme reports that Ciudad Obregon is 586 miles from Aticama. It should take more than 12 hours driving. That's a lot!

So, if Weng & Francisco are able to drive the entire distance today, they likely will not arrive until past dark. We expect them to arrive tomorrow morning.

5:30PM - Nite Camp at Samuel the truck driver's home.
MsTioga and The Team have made their Nite Camp in front of Samuel the truck driver's home. Over the several months that we have lived in the Pueblo of Aticama, we have come to know Samuel pretty well. He is a good friend!

This afternoon Samuel was driving by our Matanchen Beach Camp, and stopped to talk. He was going to San Blas to try and collect money owed him for hauling loads. He has not been paid for three months.

Samuel blames the truck driver's union in part. This union which Samuel calls, "El Sindicato" does not work hard enough for the drivers, says Samuel.
Our Nite Camp at Samuel's home.