Friday, December 25, 2009

2nd day of Christmas

2nd day of Christmas!
You may remember in yesterday's post, we on the TiogaRV Team thought that Thursday was Christmas. When we learned that Friday is Christmas, we decided to have two days of Christmas. Welcome to our 2nd day of Christmas!

Today we have a lot going on! We are invited to spend Christmas day with our friends the Gonzalez family who are at the Playa Amor RV Campground. Today is also the day that Weng & Francisco are arriving here in Aticama. So, we may be juggling around a bit to be with both families!

Today's blog post.
We are making this blog post using Ms. Vaio, our backup notebook computer. You may recall our decision to use a working notebook computer to do backups. We used to do backups to a Buffalo stand-alone hard drive. However, we were not confident with that system, because we could not test it. With Ms. Vaio being our backup, testing our backup is easy!

If you have ever had a computer failure, you may have learned that simply making backups does not get you all the way back to where you were. When a computer fails, there is other stuff that needs to be updated to be operating the same as before that failure.

With Ms. Vaio being our backup, all of these smaller but still important things come up, and may easily be updated! It may seem extravagant to use a notebook computer to be a backup system. Ms. Vaio cost about $700. We feel it is worth the cost!

8AM - Friends report:
MsTioga drove by Playa Amor RV Campground to check with Mauricio & Edith when to arrive for our Christmas invitation. Their truck was gone, so we figured they went out for breakfast. We will check back with them later this morning.

Then we went to check on the arrival of Weng and Francisco. We found their van at Juanita's home. Juanita is their best friend in Aticama. Weng & Francisco have an RV permanently parked in Juanita's backyard. Nobody was stirring in the RV. Juanita told me that the family arrived last nite at 8pm.

1PM - Christmas at Playa Amor.
On arriving to celebrate Christmas with the Gonzalez family, we were surprised to find that the party is a potluck buffet with the entire RV Campground participating! What a neat idea!

There was a ton of different kinds of food. And lots of it! Nobody went away hungry. There were about 30 people at the party. We even shared gifts! Everybody at the party got a gift.
Edith & Mauricio at the Christmas party.

4PM - Going to Weng's home on the hill.
MsTioga drove to Juanita's home where we finally found Weng and the family. This is the first time since last April that we were all together again!

Weng and I talked and talked! Then we decided to walk up to their home high up on the hill overlooking Aticama. All the kids and some friends of Weng went with us. Francisco was dead tired from driving to Mexico, so he went to sleep in his RV.
Weng looking out at the view from her home.