Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being me

What it's like being me!
A reader wrote wondering what it's like being me. I can answer that with one word. "Surprising!" Yes, I am surprised because I take things for granted. And when much later I find that something taken for granted has changed, I am surprised!

I am surprised now by plumbing, which during my younger years I always took for granted. Lately my liquid valve has begun to leak. Not always, thank God. But when my liquid holding tank is being emptied, the liquid valve does not stop completely, but dribbles. I never knew before how valuable is a tight shut off valve.

Anyway, because my holding tank has lost capacity, I must get up during the nite to empty it. Since I am up, sometimes I decide to capture a movie using a program called, "Replay Media Capture." I really love to capture movies, because I am able to return to bed and sleep, and watch the movie at a more convenient time. Right now the movie "On Golden Pond" is being captured!

The above is a good description of what it's like being me!

10AM - Flyboy Chip!
A familiar person walked up to MsTioga. It is Flyboy Chip, returned to Mexico! Chip is heading south a few miles to visit with friends. Then he plans to return here to Playa Matanchen where he will camp at Reuben's Paraiso Escondido.

We went to breakfast with Chip, and then he headed south.
Flyboy Chip!

3PM - Fighting pneumonia?
Although I've not mentioned it to you, for the past two weeks I've had pretty bad lung congestion and drippy nose. Today while Flyboy Chip was here, he commented that my cough sounded really bad! Chip encouraged me to do something about it.

Do you recall when I went to the hospital in Goleta, California in November [link]? During that hospital visit, the doctor found that I did not have pneumonia, but gave me a prescription in case I did get it. Looking at my symptoms online, it appears as though I may now have walking pneumonia.

Going to a pharmacy with my prescription for Azithromycin, I got it filled. It cost $9US for three 500mg Azithromycin. My prescription is for 250mg doses, so I will cut these 500mg pills in half.

I expect that this drug will clear up my pneumonia fast. But if not, I must go see a doctor again.

9PM - Nite Camped on the beach.
You know that we rarely Nite Camp on the beach. Our tide chart shows that the water will not reach even close to us tonite.

The nite sky is soooooo black, and the stars soooooo bright!

Weng and Francisco report.
An email arrived from Weng. Also Francisco made a blog post. So we know that as of this afternoon, the family was still in Phoenix, and planning to head south late in the afternoon.

They should have crossed the border into Mexico sometime before dark.