Thursday, December 17, 2009

Camping in Aticama

Camping in Aticama!
Do you remember the Gonzalez family who live in León? We met the family during our trip to Copper Canyon in January, 2008. You may read about that trip by clicking [here].

Mauricio Gonzalez wrote me an email telling that the family is coming to Aticama for Christmas. They want to stay here in their RV trailer. They stayed here once before at the Playa Amor RV Campground. That was last September. However, now the Playa Amor Campground is filled with American and Canadian winter tourists.

This morning we will go to Playa Amor and take a pic of the Campground for Mauricio to see. We want him to know how many other RVs are there now. We have suggested that he stay instead at the El Chaco RV campground at Matanchen Bay where there is much more space. El Chaco also has a huge swimming pool and is right on the gorgeous beach where MsTioga Camps everyday!
Playa Amor RV Campground.

El Chaco RV Campground.

10:30AM - Paradiso Escondidio.
I just got back from a visit to Paradiso Escondido [Hidden Paradise] Restaurant where I treated myself to a wonderful breakfast! Paradiso Escondido serves a fabulous salsa with corn chips. This salsa is soooooo good!

For breakfast I ordered a shrimp omelette. With the salsa and chips, breakfast was so huge! Likely there will be no more food for me today! Cost=98 pesos [$7.65US].

Paradiso Escondido also offers rooms for rent and a large area between the restaurant and the beach for camping. Sometimes RVs stay in this area.

Want to see something neat?
Click [here] to see something neat!

Something neat is a contribution from my wonderful Son Joseph. He is cute too!
Son Joseph at home.
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Supper Camped again below Weng & Francisco's place.
This afternoon some folks at El Chaco began playing music really loud. So, we returned to the little dirt coast road below Weng & Francisco's home. Because of my big breakfast this morning, I had only Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup for supper.

Remember a short while back when I complained about not being able to buy several foods? Well, add Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup to that list. Other kinds of Campbell Soup may be found. Asparagus Cream and Cream of Mushroom are everywhere. But not noodle soup? Hmmmmm?