Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas clouds

Christmas clouds
Last nite we had rain which was quite heavy at times. Now it is Christmas morning and the sky is filled with dark clouds.

Little Honda generator will have its job cut out if these clouds do not clear!

Note: Isn't it funny that I thought today was Christmas? I am going to leave this Christmas post as-is, and celebrate again tomorrow.

This year, there will be two days of Christmas for Tioga and George!

11AM - Look what happened!
After breakfast came a nice long nap. After the nap, we found that the clouds had flown away! What a gorgeous day!

3PM - Weng & Francisco report:
In Francisco's blog yesterday, he posted from a WiFi access point in Ciudad Obregon. The post stated that the family would arrive in Aticama mid-day today.

However, our Mr. DeLorme reports that Ciudad Obregon is 586 miles from Aticama. It should take more than 12 hours driving. That's a lot!

So, if Weng & Francisco are able to drive the entire distance today, they likely will not arrive until past dark. We expect them to arrive tomorrow morning.

5:30PM - Nite Camp at Samuel the truck driver's home.
MsTioga and The Team have made their Nite Camp in front of Samuel the truck driver's home. Over the several months that we have lived in the Pueblo of Aticama, we have come to know Samuel pretty well. He is a good friend!

This afternoon Samuel was driving by our Matanchen Beach Camp, and stopped to talk. He was going to San Blas to try and collect money owed him for hauling loads. He has not been paid for three months.

Samuel blames the truck driver's union in part. This union which Samuel calls, "El Sindicato" does not work hard enough for the drivers, says Samuel.
Our Nite Camp at Samuel's home.