Thursday, December 31, 2009


6AM - Cliffhanger!
Yesterday we left off our story about the road repair after the front-loader machine had graded the road. After the grading was finished, Little Mavicita and I returned to MsTioga to share the story with you!

We also wanted to tell Weng about the exciting story of the road repair. So, we returned to Juanita's home to let Weng know what had happened. A few minutes after that, Francisco returned too. And then the dump truck with the load of crushed lime arrived! Wow!

Francisco & Weng decided that this would be a good time to take their van up to their home on the hill. The van could get a tow using the loader machine to go up the steep road.

MsTioga and I went off to make our Nite Camp, and publish the story about the road repair. So, this morning we did not know what had happened after we left.

We have a cliffhanger!

7AM - Kavena & Jorge walk up!
MsTioga and The Team drove over to Juanita's home to see what was going on. The van was gone. We found Weng & Francisco's 6-year old Kavena playing in the yard. Kavena told that her parents were up at their home on the hill!

When I told Kavena that I was going to walk up to their home, she wanted to go too. So, we both walked together.

Isn't it a fun time talking to kids? As Kavena and I walked she encouraged me to find a walking stick. She had a walking stick and told me that when I get tired, a walking stick is a good thing to have!
Following Kavena up the hill.

8AM - Home on the hill.
When Kavena and Jorge reached the hilltop home, we found Weng & Francisco on their porch which overlooks Aticama and the Bay of Matanchen. Weng & Francisco spent their nite sleeping under the stars on their porch table. Cushions were used to make the table soft.

The van is being unloaded, so that another trip may be made down to Juanita's home. Then the van will be loaded up again and driven back up to the home on the hill.

In the pics below, you see Francisco unloading the roof stuff. And Weng bringing the wine into her home for tonite's New Year's Party!
Francisco unloading.

Weng with wine for New Year's party!

4PM - New Year Party!
Little Mavicita and I are heading up the hill for the New Year Party. Everybody coming to the party is bringing some food. We are bringing a pollo asado [BBQ chicken].

MsTioga and the rest of The Team are staying near Juanita's home in El Centro de Aticama.

Happy New Year to you!

Weng bringing flowers for her table.

Jorge & Francisco at sunset.