Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Danger at the border

Danger at the border!
Yesterday when MsTioga crossed the border into Mexico, you may have been thinking that we are in for trouble now. It is common knowledge in the USA, that it is foolish and dangerous for RVers to travel in Mexico.

After leaving the border town of Sonoyta, MsTioga was traveling thru the desert. It is gorgeous there. A zillion miles with no towns, no homes, no ranches. The scene as we drove along is magnificent. The desert is green with cactus and other plants. Our view going out to the distant mountains. Every now and then there is a roadside restaurant, whose customers are mostly the big rig truckers.

Common knowledge about danger in Mexico is not true. Not in our experience. Yesterday afternoon we arrived in the Town of Caborca. We felt absolutely safe. There are no signs in Caborca restricting parking. If you park on the wrong side of the street, nobody cares. Little kids were running around playing in the area of our Nite Camp.

Mexico! What a truly remarkable country is Mexico!

12 Noon - Camped in the City of Santa Ana.
We have made a Day Camp in the City of Santa Ana. According to our little Garmin Nuvi GPS, MsTioga has traveled 70 miles today. That is more than enough miles, because we want very much to hold down our gasoline usage. Also, we like to look around instead of simply racing along our journey.

Our Camp is across the railroad tracks from a gorgeous church with lovely steeples. Perhaps later, Little Mavicita will take a pic of this scene for you to see?
Church from MsTioga's window.

2PM - Moved Camp across town.
We wanted to look around the Town of San Ana, so we broke our Camp and wandered about. We found a dead end street with nice homes where we made our Nite Camp. Across the street, a young boy is planting roses in his front yard.

I've not cleaned MsTioga's exterior for a couple of months. It has been too cold outside. This afternoon however, it warmed up to T-shirt weather. I washed 1/2 of MsTioga. We expect the temperature to rise a bit every day from now on because we will be heading almost due south now. As the latitude gets smaller, the days should get warmer!

We had to use Little Honda in order to recharge our solar battery bank. The Sun is too low at this latitude to get a good flow of electricity from our solar panels even when the panels were raised toward the Sun.