Saturday, December 19, 2009

Datastorm down

6:30AM - Datastorm down!
The Hughes modem in our Datastorm system appears to have failed! I was watching the modem boot-up when it occurred to me that there is no backup for this modem. Right at that time, the modem failed. Can you imagine that?

We have a backup modem on board. However, this backup modem is for SatMex-5. We are assigned to SatMex-6.

7AM - WiFi Access Point.
MsTioga drove to the Pemex gas station where we had gone online yesterday using the only WiFi access point that we found around Aticama that is unsecured. That access point could not be located this morning. Wow!

10AM - City of Tepic.
We drove to the City of Tepic to be able to go online and figure out what to do about this internet access challenge. It took us a bit of looking around to find an unsecured WiFi access point. Our usual WiFi at the VIPs Restaurant near WalMart, changed their system! Hmmmmm?

We drove into the neighborhood where we usually make Nite Camps in the City of Tepic. We are very fortunate to have located an unsecured WiFi access point here. Using that WiFi, we are making this blog post to you.

Perhaps the quickest thing that may be done, is switch to SatMex-5 and use our backup modem. However, we have had a lot of problems with this modem on SatMex-5. Also, this is Saturday and it is very likely that a satellite switch may not be done until Monday.

We are going to email Steve O'Bosky, our Datastorm dealer to consult with him.

Sending modem by air.
Steve and I are trying to figure out how to send the replacement modem by air. FedEX. UPS air. Or something like that.

I have been unable to talk to FedEX and figure out how to do it yet. Steve is working on that from his end now.

Do you know anything about sending air shipments from the USA to Mexico?

2PM - Telcel Wideband Internet.
There are advertisements all over Mexico about Telcel's Wideband Internet system. So, I went to the Telcel customer service center to inquire. It is a big building, with service windows that remind me of a bank.

The Telcel system consists of a modem that plugs into a USB port. The service is delivered all over the Republic of Mexico.

Unfortunately, in order to subscribe to the Telcel service, I must have a permanent tourist permit. Either an FM-2 or FM-3. I have the temporary, FM-T.

I hope that you will not think ill of me. But I am sick and tired of equipment failing.

8PM - The latest news.
I've found a place where the modem may be shipped here in the City of Tepic. As HopALog wrote in ShoutBox, the shipment may not arrive here for weeks. It is Christmas vacation time here in Mexico.

11PM - The latest, latest news!
The modem is working again! Yes! It's true.

It turned out to me a Hughes problem. Not an equipment failure. Apparently my modem received a software update from Hughes just as the modem went online. This caused the update to become corrupted.

There is a tiny button in the rear of the modem called, "recovery switch". After pressing this switch this evening, my modem began to recover!

Can you imagine that? Hmmmmmmm?