Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dealing with criticism

Dealing with criticism!
Some people do not like what I do. Don't like the way I live. Sometimes people email with their criticism. Sometimes I learn about these people in forums or in ShoutBox messages.

People have taken exception to ads on my website. That I accept donations. I camp for free. I live in Mexico. That I don't stay in RV campgrounds. A zillion other things.

I rarely respond to criticism. Because as one reader wrote several years ago, criticism should only mean something to me, if I believe that the criticism is true. It I believe that criticism is not true, it is only an opinion.

Receiving criticism actually turns out to be a good thing for me. Criticism tests me. When I receive criticism, I must decide whether to respond or not. Usually, I don't respond. Usually I do not defend myself against criticism. Preferring rather to let others decide for themselves. And especially, to let my life and what I do be my answer.

9AM - Corrosion!
Reader and friend Florida Mike posted in ShoutBox wondering how we would handle the corrosion problem this year. You may recall that MsTioga had a BIG corrosion problem during her first stay here at La Playa de Matanchen.

Much of that corrosion occurred because we drove the shoreline road which leads to driving thru surf in order do reach this beach. This was a giant mistake! We are now driving the paved highway to get to the beach.

Treatment with Must-For-Rust controlled the corrosion. After the Must-For-Rust, MsTioga's underside was protected with anti-corrosion paint. This paint seems to be holding up and doing its job.
View of surf from MsTioga's dining table.

11AM - Skype call from Weng!
A Skype call came in from Weng. She is soooooo excited about the trip her family is taking from Portland, Oregon to Aticama, Mexico! They plan to leave Portland on Friday, December 18th and arrive in Aticama on Monday, December 21. How they may travel soooooo fast is not known to me.

Sweet, adorable Weng. She is going to be so happy to be here in Aticama! [link].

4PM - Hiking to Francisco and Weng's home.
Today during the Skype call with Weng, I promised to go to their home on the hill to see the road condition. The last time I was there this past September, heavy rain had washed one foot plus ruts in this road. Inspection of the road today showed that these ruts remain. The ruts should be filled in and the road repaired before Francisco may drive his car up to his home.

After returning to MsTioga, I was hungry and decided to make supper right there along bay. I am able to see Weng and Francisco's home from here.

I may come to this place many afternoons from now on. It is pleasant here as the Sun goes down. Especially with the sound of waves and the bay breeze wafting in.
Weng and Francisco's home.

One of the badly rutted sections.

Bay view from our supper table.