Friday, December 04, 2009

Easy retired life

Looking for the easy retired life!
Are you a retired and pressed financially? Have you moved into an RV, and living fulltime to save money? Well, I am here to suggest that maybe Mexico is the place for you!

I understand that not many fulltiming RVers are prepared to live as I do in MsTioga. With our solar electric and Datastorm internet systems, we are fully hooked up everywhere that we go. So, we may Nite Camp on the streets of pueblos and cities of Mexico easily. And of course, save money by not paying rent.

However, even if you would rather Camp in RV campgrounds, you may still enjoy the wonder of low cost living here in Mexico! Check out Mike and Terri Church's guide to Mexican Camping.

12 Noon - On the road to Guaymas.
On the way out of Hermosillo this morning we drove randomly around the city, just looking around. There are some neighborhoods in Hermosillo with gorgeous homes. And just a few blocks away, may be found a very poor neighborhood.

MsTioga drove thru the center of Hermosillo. The traffic was moderate, and we had no problems.

Do you remember Gaspar, the fellow who owns the towing and heavy transport service in Hermosillo? He replaced MsTioga's water pump on the way north a few months ago. Well, we stopped to say hello to Gaspar. He is such a nice guy!

Gaspar might come and visit us in Aticama!

We are now stopped at a large pullout with a Pemex gas station. Taking a little break. There is free WiFi here!

2PM - Remembering our first accident in Mexico.
When we arrived in Guaymas, we pulled into a shopping center parking lot. This lot looked sooooooo familiar. And then we remembered that we had our first traffic accident in Mexico in this lot back in December, 2007 [link].

4:30PM - Camped at the harbor of Guaymas.
We wanted to make our Nite Camp near the water in Guaymas. Traveling along the main Hwy #15, we found ourselves in the Town of Empalme. Not near the water at all !!

So, we turned around and headed back to Guaymas. Taking a chance on a road that seemed to go toward the water, we found our Nite Camp with a view of ships in the harbor! Pretty neat, huh?

Little Mavicita wants to walk around the harbor area before the Sun sets.
Boats in Guaymas harbor.
View from MsTioga's door.