Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A friend in Los Mochis

A friend in Los Mochis.
The first time that MsTioga and The Team arrived in Los Mochis, Mexico, was on January 05, 2008. That was the day we met Ed Fuentes [link].

Today Ed has invited MsTioga to make a Camp at his place next to Rio Fuerte in Los Mochis. We are soooooo excited to be seeing Ed Fuentes again!

How's the weather?
Reader Jeff wrote an email wondering if we would put up a temperature post as we travel along in Mexico. We were thinking about how we would do that, and decided to do it by publishing the pic below.
It is T-shirt and short pants weather!

10:30AM - Camped at Rio Fuerte.
We have arrived at Ed Fuentes place, alongside the Rio Fuerte. This is a gorgeous spot. Lots of green grass and trees.

This might be a nice place to remain for a few days washing MsTioga and taking it easy!
Do you see MsTioga thru the trees?

Have you read MsTioga Magazine?
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