Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going to the doctor

Going to the doctor!
Francisco is not feeling well. He has problems with his sinus which make him feel very weak. Yesterday he spent a lot of time in bed. Today we plan to use MsTioga to drive to Santa Cruz [15 miles south] where Francisco has a good friend who is also a doctor.

I plan to see this doctor also. My lung congestion has improved a great deal, but still has not completely cleared.

Note: Change of plans. We are going to the doctor tomorrow. Today MsTioga will Day Camp on Matanchen beach and we will spend the afternoon with the Gonzalez family.

FAPed again!
Weng & Francisco's oldest son is Francis and he loves to use the internet. During the past two days, I've allowed Francis to use our WiFi access point to go on the internet. Apparently Francis was doing considerable downloading. Now we find that we have been FAPed [link].

This morning I'm going to have a talk with Francis to learn what he has been doing and ask him how he plans to stop getting us FAPed!

2PM - Plans astray!
We changed our plans to go to the doctor with Francisco in order to spend the afternoon with the Gonzalez family at Playa Matanchen. However, the Gonzalez family did not show up at Matanchen!

Oh my! Plans often go astray!