Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to town with two ladies

Going to town with two ladies!
This morning at 8am, MsTioga and The Team have a date. We are going to town with two ladies! And lovely ladies they are!

We are going with Weng and her best friend Juanita to the City of Tepic to buy a new stove for Weng's kitchen. MsTioga offered to drive the ladies. We also offered to donate half of the cost of this new stove.

Weng and Francisco have had a very challenging year. Francisco was laid up sick for four months with a lung infection during which he could not work. Their finances are not in good shape now because of this layoff. Still, with all of that happening, they have managed to do their annual trip to the Pueblo of Aticama in order to live in their home on the hill. A home which they themselves built over the last thirteen years.

Weng and Francisco are able to stay in Aticama for only six weeks on this trip. They must return to Portland, Oregon to work and earn money. But for now, they are here in Aticama visiting friends and soon living in their home on the hill.
Weng, Jorge & Juanita in Tepic!

10AM - Shopping in Tepic.
The first thing we did in Tepic is go to the Burger King where the ladies ordered breakfast and I ordered a Whopper Combo. Then, we went shopping for Weng's stove.

We shopped for the stove at Soriana, Coppel, WalMart and finally at Electra. Since we did not know where the Electra store was located, the three of us took a taxi.

Electra is in the center of Tepic. The streets are not wide. A parking space is difficult to find, even for a small car. For MsTioga, parking is not possible near Electra.

We found a stove that Weng really liked. It cost 2000 pesos [$154US]. After paying for the stove, the sales guy from Electra looked for a taxi that would take the three of us and the stove back to MsTioga. And, he found one! Wow!

4PM - Heading back to Aticama.
After shopping for groceries at the WalMart, we headed back to Aticama. By the time we reached Aticama, the Sun had set and it was getting pretty dark. We unloaded the stove at Juanita's home. Then Weng prepared a quick supper for her family and myself.

7PM - Datastorm modem again!
When Mr. Datastorm went to go online, he found that his modem was decommissioned again. However, now we are familiar with the commissioning procedure.

The little "rescue switch" in back of the modem has to be depressed at startup and held down for one minute. Then the file download from HughesNet Network Operations Center begins. And, if we are lucky, the download goes well and the commissioning works the first time.

We were lucky this time!