Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hanging with Weng & Francisco

Hanging with Weng & Francisco!
Yesterday we made our Nite Camp at Juanita's home where Weng and Francisco are staying. During that evening, I messed with Weng's notebook computers which are not working right.

This morning Weng is using MsTioga's kitchen to make breakfast. Isn't that great!
Weng cooking inside MsTioga!

Weng & Francisco in love!

11AM - Walking to the home on the hill.
Weng, Francisco, kids Tommy and Kavena walked up their home on the hill. And I went with them. This is not an easy walk for me. The way up is quite steep at times.

Weng and Francisco found their home had survived pretty good since they left and went north last April.
Weng, Francisco, Tommy & Kavena.
View from the kitchen.