Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heading south again

Heading south again!
This morning we are leaving our friend Ed Fuentes' place next to Rio Fuerte and heading south again. This has been a wonderful two days for MsTioga and The Team!

We got to see Ed again. We ate those delicious birria tacos. MsTioga's outside is clean again! The time that we spent here was very special.
View of Ed's Rio Fuerte place from MsTioga's window.

In Mexico for the chatting!
Yesterday while driving with Ed Fuentes in the area of Los Mochis, I mentioned that I loved to stay in Mexico because of the custom of chatting. And also because the people here are so friendly. While walking around, people say to me, "good morning", "good afternoon", "good evening".

Ed commented that it seemed as though these wonderful customs of chatting and being friendly were getting less in Mexico.

I sure hope not! Because I am living in Mexico just because of these customs. I'm not here only for the weather. I am not here because it is cheaper to live in Mexico.

I am living here for the friendly people, and especially for the chatting!

Manuel de Jesus and his friend Augustin.
Manuel de Jusus takes care of Ed Fuentes land alongside the Rio Fuerte. While I stayed here during the past few days, Manuel's friend Augustin visited every day. I must have spent at least five hours over the past days, chatting with these guys.

Yes! I love to chat!

And all of this chatting is in Spanish!

2PM - Changed filters.
We have made a WalMart Camp in the Town of Guasave. Next to the WalMart is an AutoZone store. I bought an air filter and crank case air filter there and changed them in the WalMart parking lot.
Old crank case air filter.

4PM - Camped in City of Guaymuchil.
We have made our Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood in Guaymuchil. MsTioga is next to what appears to be a kindergarten school.

Mr. Datastorm is not up, because our little Hawking WiFi booster antenna found a WiFi access point that was open!

Google's AdSense Ads.
Because I'm using a local WiFi access point to go online, the AdSense ads on my blog are being published in Spanish. Interesting!