Saturday, December 05, 2009

Heater not needed

Heater not needed!
Last nite is the first time in over two months that Mr. Wave6 [link] has not been used to warm MsTioga. Ever since we entered the USA last October, Mr. Wave6 has been on at nite.

However, now we are going south. The further south we go, the warmer it gets during the nite! That's one of the great things about living in the southern latitudes. Heaters are not needed!

It is amazing to us on the TiogaRV Team, that more RVers do not travel south of the border to take advantage of the warmer weather!

Take a look at the Datastorm Users Map below. This map shows the present location of RVers who are using the Datastorm internet system. It is not surprising that these RVers are clustered in the southwest part of the USA. These RVers are there for the warmth!

However, look way to the south for #105. That's the number assigned to our Mr. Datastorm! That is our present location in Guaymas. Lots warmer here!
Datastorm Users Map.

Golden Age Passport.
You may still have the old Golden Age Passport, which entitles free admission to National Parks and other government facilities. In 2007, our government stopped selling Golden Age Passports, and replaced it with a Senior Pass. The Senior Pass took away much of the value of the Golden Age Passport.

Now the government is proposing to eliminate much of the discounts that were promised to Senior citizens many years ago. I started a topic in Tioga-George Forum about this subject which includes a link to the government's webpage about these changes. Click [here] to go to that forum post.

3PM - Washing clothes in Ciudad Obregon.
We desperately need to have our laundry done! Usually, all that is necessary is to ask somebody where a "lavanderia" is located. Then we follow directions and sometimes ask a few more people.

However, this is Saturday afternoon. We found lavanderias, but they want to return our washed clothes on Monday!

Finally, we stumbled on to a lavanderia that will do our clothes by 6pm! Wow! We feel pretty lucky!