Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just taking a hot shower is special

Just taking a hot shower is special!
Are you a fulltiming RVer? Do you make dry camps or sometimes camp in the boondocks? If so, then you know how special is a hot shower. Especially when the weather outside is cold!

MsTioga only turns on her hot water heater when George takes his shower. In the summertime, it may only take five minutes for the water to get hot. Today however, it took over 15 minutes! And since it is cold, MsTioga turned on her forced air furnace to make things comfy!

Here where we are in Mexico, many homes do not have room heaters inside. A room heater may be considered an extravagance here in Mexico. Most homes have a hot water heater though.

Sometimes when we have both our hot water and forced air heaters cranked up, we feel sooooooo rich!

11AM - Huge traffic jam!
As we were traveling south after leaving the City of Santa Ana, we saw that the traffic traveling north was completely stopped. There is at least 10 miles, perhaps 15 miles of traffic, not moving at all!

We stopped and asked a truck driver what is happening. The Mexican military has stopped the traffic flowing north in order to search for drugs and weapons. One driver told me that he had been waiting in that line for more than one day!

2PM - City of Hermosillo.
We have made a Camp for the nite in the City of Hermosillo. MsTioga traveled 108 miles today. We wanted to travel less, and did not find a suitable place.

Only about 30 miles into today's trip, we cruised the Pueblo of Benjamin Hill looking for a Camp. This pueblo appeared to be too poor. MsTioga would stick out like a sore thumb in a place like Benjamin Hill. We do not find many places where we would not stay because of poverty, here in Mexico.

5PM - Washed 2nd half of MsTioga.
Just as the Sun was setting, I began washing the 2nd half of MsTioga's exterior. You may recall that the first half was done yesterday afternoon.

I was very pleased to find that I have plenty of energy for this washing job!

Below is a pic of tonite's supper. On the bottom is a bed of white rice, chicken flavored. On top of the rice: purple chopped onion, alfalfa sprouts, cutup squash and chunks of pork chop. As the vegetables and chops were sautéed, they were finished with soy sauce!