Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr. Datastorm back in action

Mr. Datastorm back in action!
Yesterday was quite a day! Early in the morning when we turned Mr. Datastorm on, his modem's software got blown away! If you didn't read our blog post yesterday, read it now to know the sequence of yesterday's events.

You may already know that we on the TiogaRV Team cannot exist without the internet. In fact, it was only after learning about Datastorm in the fall of 2002, that the decision was made to become a fulltime RVer! That shows how important Mr. Datastorm and the internet are to us!

So, yesterday, when Mr. Datastorm's modem failed, we headed out of Aticama for Tepic. We wanted to find a WiFi access point to make a blog post and let you know what was going on.

As yesterday progressed, we made plans with Steve O'Bosky, our Datastorm dealer, to have a replacement modem air freighted to us in Mexico. However, receipt of this replacement modem would not be quick. This is Christmas time. And in Mexico, things slow way up now. It seemed that in order to stay online, we would have to remain in Tepic. Away from Aticama and the beach at Matanchen. We would miss the arrival of Weng and Francisco in Aticama! What a bummer!

We posted about our modem going bad on the Datastorm Users Forum, and were told about the modem's recovery switch. This switch was pushed, and the modem appeared to spring to life! The modem began downloading a software update from HughesNet. But the software update would not take. Steve O'Bosky encouraged us to keep doing the software update. Steve told that there were other Datastorm users with the same problem as us.

Finally, just past 11pm yesterday evening, Mr. Datastorm's modem completed the software update and was back in action once again! Double wow with sugar on it!

12 Noon - Beach Camped at Matanchen!
MsTioga and The Team have returned to our home in Mexico. We are now Beach Camped on La Playa de Matanchen.

On the way here, we stopped at the pollo asado store in Aticama!
BBQ chicken!

5PM - Datastorm down again!!!!!
Sorry to tell you that Mr. Datastorm's modem is no longer commissioned. We do not know why. After our 12 noon blog post, we tried to make another blog post at 2pm. But the modem was decommissioned again.

We actually got the modem re-commissioned again twice this afternoon, but the commissions did not stick.

We are now online at the WiFi access point that we found near the Pemex in Aticama. Without this access point, we would not be able to make this post to you!

This Datastorm is quite a challenge, wouldn't you agree?