Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My plan for Mexico

My plan for Mexico!
Living in the Pueblo of Aticama from December to April is wonderful. From April to November however, temperature and humidity near the coast is not pleasant. In April my plan is to travel into the mountains of Mexico. These mountains in Mexico are called Sierras. Being high in elevation means that the temperature and humidity during the summer makes it cool and fresh!

The Mexican State of Queretaro is located in the Sierras. Queretaro was where I lived this year when it got too warm at the coast. I traveled to Queretaro during the month of April, 2009. During this trip to the mountains, I spent some time in Guanajuato, a delightful city to visit.

Of course I never know for sure what will happen and where I will go. However, my plan now is to travel to the Mexican State of Queretaro next April and live there until November. Then, return to Aticama and the Pacific Coast.

8AM - Founding fiesta!
Today is the fiesta celebrating the founding of the Ejido of Aticama. So, MsTioga has moved from our Nite Camp to the other side of the town. We are now Morning Camped alongside the Ocean and below the home of Francisco and Weng.

We have made a Camp at this place in order to be close to the festivities but far enough away from the loud music which will be played at in the plaza of the town.

10AM - Fiesta going strong!
There is dancing, and there is music! Very, very loud music. I found Princess Juanita, across the street from the plaza talking to a friend. She wanted to be away from the loud music!

The pic below is of Juanita. She is standing in the plaza, the Bay of Matanchen in the background. This pic is especially for my friends Weng and Francisco who are still in Portland, Oregon.
Princess Juanita

2PM - Cloudy day means less solar electricity.
There has been hardly any Sun all day long. Mr. Sunny's solar panels have not gone over 7 amps! Usually on a sunny day, the panels produce over 20 amps. This means that our Little Honda generator must go to work.

We cannot go from one day to the next without a complete recharge of our solar battery bank. Right now, we still have 52 amps to go for that recharge. So, we are moving to the beach at Matanchen to spend the afternoon.

Little Honda will be working on the beach.

TiogaRV Team Mission!
From the time Tioga and I began our journey in 2003, our Team Mission has remained the same. You may read our Mission Statement yourself at the bottom of this blog.
  • Our goal is to share our daily adventure with you, in order to encourage you to Camp as we do.
  • We share our finance and expense statements with you so that you may see that even with small income, this life is possible.
  • We publish stories in MsTioga Magazine so that you may know what we know.
MsTioga and I do not know how many RVers have chosen our life style as a result of following our adventures. We hope that there have been many!

Sunset at Playa Matanchen.