Saturday, December 12, 2009


My friend Chris Guld wrote in her "Geeks On Tour" blog [link] that she was overwhelmed trying to keep up with computers and technology. Chris and her husband Jim are extremely talented and make their living teaching and helping others about computer stuff.

I feel the same as Chris, except that my technology talent is zip. Nothing. Nada. Everything is changing sooooooo fast in this computer/technology world. I am happy just to be able to keep on doing the computer stuff that I've been doing for years! Is that how you feel too?

For the past several months I've been tussling in my mind about doing two things technology wise. The first thing is finding the best method to backup my computer. I've decided on the recommendation of my friend and Datastorm dealer, Steve O'Bosky for that one. Steve recommended creating a 'Complete backup and restore' image of my entire computer. And I am going to do that. I have two notebook computers, and want each of them to be duplicates of the other in the case of a computer failure.

The second thing is to backup my Tioga-George blog. I've got a huge amount of time invested in my blog. It would be devastating to lose my blog! I am in the process of using Wordpress to create that backup blog.

It has taken me months and months of thinking about these two things to make a decision on what to do. And I still have not implemented these decisions!

Because I am overwhelmed with these challenges.

2PM - Tropic of Cancer.
For most persons, the Tropic of Cancer is only a line on a map. However, for we vagabonds on the TiogaRV Team, it is a place that we cross when traveling in Mexico. It is the north most latitude where the Sun may appear directly overhead at noon.

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer this afternoon on our way to Mazatlan. MsTioga traveled 136 miles today!
Crossing the Tropic of Cancer!

Shopping in Mexico.
There are things that may be bought in the USA that I've not found in Mexico.
  • Baked beans for example.
  • Creamed cheese is abundant in groceries, but there are no bagels to be found.
  • I like to buy frozen meatballs for my pasta. In Mexico, I have to be prepared to make my own meatballs.
  • Inside Mr. Dometic's freezer is a bag of pork potstickers from Trader Joe's. No way in Mexico!

5PM - Nite Camped in Mazatlan.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp next to a large sports field not too far away from the Pacific Ocean. We are in a residential area. Likely, few USA tourists stay here.