Sunday, December 13, 2009

A place called Home

A place called Home!
Back in 2003 when I began my Tioga and George Adventure, I wanted to see everything. I am a vagabond and yearn to see what is over the next hill and around the next bend in the road.

My 66th year was in 2003. It was not clear then how young I was. Now I am in my 72nd year. I still feel young. But now much more mellowed out. I still yearn for adventure. I also look for something else that I did not look for back in those beginning years.

That something else is a place called Home!

My home for now, is in the Pueblo of Aticama and the nearby beach of Matanchen. I yearn to make my Day Camps at Matanchen, and watch the ocean's waves roll in. I yearn for my Nite Camp next to the little river in Aticama. That little river where I bathe in the water.

In the evenings, I may walk into the center of Aticama and say "Hi" to Alma Mendoza at her grocery. I may buy one of those weird hamburgers that come with a slice of ham on top. Perhaps I may hike up the hill to visit with Weng and Francisco and their kids. Or visit with Alicia the lady with the parakeets.

10AM - Visitors from Canada!
This morning three Readers came to visit MsTioga! First came Vic. Then while Vic and I were talking, Richard & Carol joined us.

These Canadians are all from British Columbia and enjoy spending winters here in the City of Mazatlan. Vic and his wife rent a place here. Richard & Carol live in their RV.
L-R Richard, Vic and Carol.

5PM - Only 72 miles to Aticama!
We have made our Nite Camp in the Town of Acaponeta. From this Camp, we are only 72 miles away from our home in Aticama! Wow! This is soooooo great!