Friday, December 11, 2009

Pumping iron

Pumping iron!
While reading a news story yesterday about Clint Eastwood, I found that I've something in common with him. We both pump iron! The news story told of Eastwood being seen on a movie set using a heavy set of dumb bell weights.

My dumb bells are only 20 pounds each. That's all that I am able to handle now. But if I don't pump iron and work out regularly, it seems that I am not able to do the ordinary things that I want to do. Aches and pains come if I don't pump iron. And I do not tolerate pain well at all!

So, I pump iron nearly every morning!

Spanish did not come easy for me.
I grew up in East Los Angeles. It was an easy choice to fill my high school requirement for two years of foreign language with Spanish classes. Those years of studying Spanish taught me how to conjugate verbs and gave me a tiny vocabulary. That's about all.

My oldest long-term goal for perhaps fifty years, was to become fluent in Spanish. The language intrigued me. My first serious girl friend was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Her family emigrated from Europe in the late 1930s. The language in her house was Spanish.

When I began spending my winters in Mexico after becoming an RVer in 2003, of course I tried out my Spanish. It was terrible. I have no talent with language! Every year since 2003 I returned to Mexico, and since the winter of 2007, I am living fulltime in this country.

When I am in a conversation using Spanish now, I understand about 1/2 of what is being said to me. That's usually enough understanding to carry on a good conversation. When I am speaking Spanish, I think in that language. And my speaking Spanish is very good. Everybody understands my Spanish.

My Spanish vocabulary growth has leveled off. It seems as though in order to take my next leap up in fluency, I must begin to read Spanish, which up until now, I have rarely done.

MsTioga Magazine.
Most of the stories that I've written and published on the internet may be found in "MsTioga Magazine". This magazine is an index of my stories. Have you looked at MsTioga Magazine [link]?

One story that you may find interesting in the Magazine, is titled, "Taking a chance on Mexico" [link].

2PM - A bit warm in Culiacan!
The city where we have made an Afternoon Camp is Culiacan. A mysterious name to us on the TiogaRV Team because it rhymes with Genghis Khan!

Jorge took a nap here. And when he woke up it was 93°F inside MsTioga. It is only 80°F outside. When Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank is charged, we have to look for some shade!