Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Repairing the road

Repairing the road!
As you may imagine, for us on TiogaRV Team stuff connected with Weng & Francisco is fascinating. We are torn in two directions. Camping on the beach at Matanchen watching the waves vs Hanging with Weng's family.

This afternoon, a dump truck will arrive from San Blas with cementate [crushed lime] to repair the road to the home on the hill. You may recall that the road was greatly eroded during the rain storms of this past summer. The cementate provides a hard surface which reduces erosion.

We would like to watch that road repair. But how to know when the repair happens if we are Camped on the beach?

Also happening today, Francisco returns to Doctor Eladio in Santa Cruz. It seems that yesterday when MsTioga returned from Tepic, Francisco exhausted himself unloading and storing the stuff that Weng bought. Some of that stuff was pretty heavy.

11AM - High tide.
MsTioga is Camped on the Playa de Matanchen. During the early morning, a high tide came in. When the tide receded, pools of water remained in low places.

In the pic below, Little Mavicita caught MsTioga's reflection in one of the tide pools.
Tide pool reflection.

2:30PM - Waiting for the dump truck.
Little Mavicita and I went up the hill to wait for the dump truck to arrive. We went early, so we would not miss anything. Only Jose was up there with his son. Jose does work for Weng and Francisco. Today Jose was repairing a line of fence.

About 3:45pm, Francisco drove up on his ATV. We waited for the dump truck together. However, instead of the dump truck, a front-end loader showed up. I felt that this was a very fortunate thing. Because the loader was necessary to repair the road's erosion.

In a short time, the loader had the road looking good!
Front-end loader at work!

Francisco happy with the road work!