Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Today is a new day

Today is a new day!
Yesterday's event where MsTioga got stuck in the desert south of Gila Bend, Arizona, was a GIANT emotional low for me. MsTioga had to be towed back into Gila Bend in order to replace what turned out to be a bad low pressure fuel pump.

The fact that this same fuel pump had been replaced in April, 2009, really got to me.
That is what prompted me to post yesterday's, "Is bad luck dogging my path?"

However, I received tons of ShoutBox and email messages from you, urging me to take heart. Urging me to not give up. Urging me to look at all the good things that are happening in my life.

So, I have titled today's blog post, "Today is a new day!" And I am feeling great today. I promise not to let the challenges that are sure to come get me down again like they did yesterday.

9AM - Garmin Nuvi GPS not working!
We are ready to head into Mexico. Walking around MsTioga to check things out, one of the tires looked low. Our Auto Maintenance Pro schedule was asking for a tire pressure check. So, we used our 120 volt AC compressor to top off the pressure. We like 120 volt AC power, because we are able to use an ordinary heavy duty extension cord to reach all MsTioga's tires.

Afterwards, we prepared to head out. That's when we saw that our little Garmin Nuvi GPS was not working! It would not start! We used our volt meter to insure that power was going to the Nuvi. That was fine. Our Nuvi manual was mislaid, so we went online and downloaded a new manual. No clue to what was wrong in the manual.

Then we did a Google search, "Garmin Nuvi does not start" and found several links. Apparently this "not starting" is a known issue. On one forum advice was found to hold the start/stop button in the start position for 15 seconds, and the Nuvi would reboot.

That's exactly what we did, and our little Garmin Nuvi rebooted itself! Wow! We are sooooooo happy about that. We have come to really depend on our Garmin Nuvi Model 750.

1PM - MsTioga enters Mexico!
We headed south toward Mexico. Our trip was without incident. No problems. MsTioga's mighty engine just purred along!

The international border crossing at Lukeville/Sonoyta is pretty small. Nothing like the giant crossing at Nogales. That's why we like the Lukeville crossing!

George and Tioga in Mexico!

4PM - Caborca and Pollo Asado!
The first town that we came to away from the International Border is the Town of Caborca. MsTioga cruised thru town toward El Centro, looking for a Pollo Asado stand.

We bought a whole chicken, and can hardly wait to dig in. It is sooooooo good! A whole BBQ chicken cost 60 pesos [$4.56US]. Pretty good, huh?

After buying the chicken, we found our Nite Camp on a wide residential street that looks to be quiet, traffic wise.
BBQ chicken!