Monday, December 14, 2009

Too excited to sleep

4AM - Too excited to sleep!
Today we are returning home to Aticama. It has been almost two months since the decision to go north to the USA was made on October 17, 2009 [link]. Thinking about this return to Aticama, has me too excited to sleep. So, I am up writing to you!

What a trip this has been! On the day we headed north for the USA, MsTioga's odometer read 121,609. Right now her odometer reads 126,010. 4,401 miles! Man-O-Man! We spent $5,430 for expenses during this trip. $1,411 just for gasoline! $1,856 for MsTioga repairs and parts.

I am not judging whether this trip was the right or wrong thing to do anymore. Right or wrong, this trip is part of my history now. And quite an adventure it was! Breakdowns were a big part of the challenge of this adventure. What broke down? Air conditioner. Water pump. Mr. Dometic our noble refrigerator. Fuel pump. Battery isolator. Starter solenoid.

And why did we go north? To fix Mr. Datastorm's internet system. You may remember that the Datastorm transmitter went bad and we traveled north to visit our Datastorm dealer, Mr. Steve O'Bosky, to get that transmitter replaced.

Yes! This morning I am too excited to sleep. Today the TiogaRV Team will return home!

12 Noon - Camped on the beach of Matanchen.
MsTioga and The Team have made a Camp at Matanchen beach. There is not one tourist here on the beach! We wonder why?

It is a gorgeous day. Not hot. But definitely T-shirt and short pants weather! The waves coming in are small, making that tranquil sound that we longed to hear while away on our trip north.
MsTioga and Jorge home at the bay of Matanchen.

5PM - Nite Camped near the home of Samuel.
We had planned on making Nite Camp next to the Little River. However, water tankers were filling up there, and their pumps make a lot of noise.

So, after I bathed in the Little River, MsTioga moved near the home of our friend Samuel, the dump truck driver. Samuel lives close to the Little River on the other side of the soccer field.

You may see our Nite Camp location by clicking on the Google Map link below. You may have to zoom in quite a bit to see detail.

A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation!
Weng's best friend is Juana. And tonite Juana has been chosen to receive the crown as the Princess of the Ejido. Yes! Tonite is a fiesta celebrating the founding of the Ejido of Aticama.

I received a Shoutbox note from Weng's husband Francisco, that tonite is the coronation. At 6pm this evening, I went to El Centro of Aticama. But the people at the plaza told me that the coronation was to be held at 9pm.

So, I went back to MsTioga planning to return before 9am. But I fell asleep and did not wake up until 10pm! Man-O-Man!

I could hear the music as I walked to the plaza. Once there, I found Juana at the head table eating a celebration supper. We could barely talk, because the music was sooooooo loud. I will talk to Juana tomorrow.
Princess Juana.

Note: An ejido [eh hee dough] is a farm property with communal ownership [link].