Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuning in

Tuning in!
When I was younger something was always playing on the radio or TV. Coming home meant tuning in to something. Music. News. Call-in shows. In recent years, that began to change.

A few minutes ago I surfed my favorites on XM Radio. Symphony Magic played Joseph Hayden. It was beautiful. Then I compared the symphony music to the ocean surf, and the surf won! Why did the surf win?

I think because I do not want at this time of life to be simply distracted by news, call-in shows or music. Tuning in to ocean surf. Watching and listening to children playing on the beach. Stuff like that is what I yearn for now.

9AM - Goodbye Mr. Chips!
There has been a Mr. Chips computer aboard MsTioga since our team was born in 2003. You may read about Mr. Chips' history [here].

Our good friend Weng needs a computer because her computer is in sad shape! Mr. Chips offered to go live with Weng to help her out. Isn't he a nice guy? Hmmmm? So this morning we extricated Mr. Chips from his home underneath MsTioga's computer workstation.

Only thing is, that Mr. Chips does not seem to boot up anymore. We are going to open him up to see what's what.
Mr. Chips!

12 Noon - Gonzalez family.
Do your remember my friends the Gonzalez family who live in the City of Leon? Well, they have arrived for a one week vacation. Their trailer is parked at the Playa Amor RV Campground, just south of Aticama.

The entire family is here. But in the pic below, sons Machicho and Sabastian are missing.
L-R Monse, Mauricio, Edith and Valeria.

Weng & Francisco report!
We just read a ShoutBox post from Francisco! They used the WiFi access point in a VIPs Restaurant in Cd. Obregon. Their plan is to be home in Aticama mid-day tomorrow.

Francisco also made a blog post! [link]

6PM - Moved north for Nite Camp.
We could hear a party going on in Aticama. There is music loud enough to reach our Day Camp on the beach at Matanchen. MsTioga decided to move north about a couple kilometers and make another Nite Camp right on the beach. We cannot hear the music from here. Also, we are away from all lights. Star watching may be spectacular here if the cloud cover clears.

About mid-afternoon, big clouds drifted in and now cover most of the nite sky. It is still quite warm, and it is comfortable walking outside in the dark. Even walking barefoot in the surf!