Monday, December 28, 2009

Weng and the AdSense story

Weng and the AdSense story!
Last Spring I met Weng and learned of her "Mail Order Bride" story. I suggested to Weng that she start a blog to share her story with others. Her blog could contain AdSense Ads which might earn income, which Weng could very much use!

After Weng returned to her home in Portland, Oregon, she setup her Blog. Weng applied to AdSense for an account, and was approved. All went well. AdSense income began being earned. And then tragedy struck!

The computers that Weng and her husband Francisco were using did not have anti-virus protection. Without this protection, these computers became infected. The virus clicked-bombed the AdSense ads! When AdSense found that Weng and Francisco's ads were clicked from their own computers, their AdSense accounts were immediately cancelled.

Weng was devastated by this cancellation. She badly needed the AdSense income and was sooooooo happy to be earning money this way. Now that income was gone!

Weng and Francisco appealed to AdSense to have their accounts reinstated. However, AdSense did not reply to these appeals.

Weng wants to learn computer stuff.
Using email and Skype phone calls, Weng and I have been planning for when we were together in Aticama. Weng wants to learn about web publishing. I want to teach her what I know.

I've installed AVG Anti-Virus software on Weng's notebook computer. Yesterday Weng learned about making pano-photos, and used Autostitch to make her first pano. We are going to work together to publish web pages, similar to the ones in MsTioga Magazine!

I've encouraged Weng not to worry about AdSense. Something will happen in the future to get that mess straightened out. No use worrying about something that will eventually be worked out!

9AM - Dr. Eladio Gaxiola.
This morning Francisco and I are driving in MsTioga to the Pueblo of Santa Cruz to see Dr. Gaxiola. I am concerned about Francisco because he seems to be in a rundown condition. Sleeping most of the day. He also has had shivers.

After listening to Francisco describe his condition and learning what the doctors in Portland, Oregon had diagnosed, Dr. Gaxiola prescribed a vitamin B therapy.
Francisco at doctor's office.

Francisco & Dr. Gaxiola.

Note: I did not consult with Dr. Gaxiola today. I'll return next week. My lung congestion has lessened almost completely. I want to return to the doctor to consult about my prostate condition, a possible hernia and lung condition.

5PM - On the beach!
Tioga and Jorge have spent the afternoon Camped on Matanchen beach at our regular place near Paraiso Escondido. There have been more Mexican tourists to the beach today than we have seen here since last winter!

Now we are breaking our Camp, and heading over to Juanita's home to check up on how Francisco is doing. Then, we will make our Nite Camp in front of Samuel the truck driver's home near the Little River.