Friday, December 18, 2009

WiFi access in Aticama

6:30AM - WiFi access in Aticama.
During our trip north last October, you may remember that Mr. Datastorm was not working because he had a bad transmitter. That's when we learned how abundant were unsecured WiFi access points!

This morning MsTioga is going to take a run up to the hotels in Playa Amor to find out about the WiFi there. Yesterday while Little Mavicita took pics of the Playa Amor RV Campground, our Mr. HP noticed a faint WiFi access signal that was unsecured. We want to check that out.

8AM - Found one!
MsTioga is parked at the Pemex gas station in Playa Los Cocos. Aticama is about a mile to the north. We found a WiFi access point, and are now online posting to you.

Without the little Hawking antenna, no way to connect. But with the Hawking, we are able to make this blog post!
Hawking-On the job!

Weng and Francisco - packing like crazy!
As you may know if you have been reading Weng, the family has been packing like crazy for their trip from Portland, Oregon to Aticama, Mexico. [A link to Weng's blog is in our left column.]

We on the TiogaRV Team may only imagine how excited Weng, husband Francisco and their kids are about this trip!

Weather report!
We listened to the weather report from CNN on our XM radio. Lots of storms in the east. So, we decided to publish our own weather report.
Weather today: Really nice!