Sunday, December 06, 2009

Working on Sunday

7AM - Working on Sunday.
Yesterday evening I found our Nite Camp in a commercial neighborhood with lots of stores. Even so, I expected this Sunday morning would be quiet, with little traffic. Mexico is a traditional country, and the tradition on Sunday is not to work.

However, we are in Cd. Obregon, a large sprawling city. There is a WalMart here. Home Depot too. Burger King. Carl's Jr. Office Depot. The tradition of not working for many residents of Cd. Obregon, does not exist. And so there is lots of traffic now at 7am. People going off to work and shop.

My Son Dave's blog.
One of the great miracles of my recent life is my Son Dave's blog. You may have noticed my Son Dave's pic in my left blog column. With Dave's blog, I am able to keep up with the daily goings on in his life.

Keeping up like that is something that I miss a lot because I am an RVing vagabond. But now with the "Dave's Home" blog, I am able to have my cake and eat it too!

Tioga-George website visits cracks 90,000!
Last month, November, 2009, our website cracked the 90,000 barrier! This is the 2nd time we cracked into 90,000+ visits in one month. The first time was in April, 2008, just before our trip to Israel.

Apparently, you were not interested much in our trip to Israel, because only three months later, in June, 2008, visits dropped by 1/3 to about 60,000 visits per month.

But now we have broken the 90,000 barrier once again. Pretty neat, huh?

11AM - Camped in the City of Navojoa.
We have traveled only 42 miles today. From Ciudad Obregon to the City of Navojoa. Not very far. But far enough!

We took a Team vote, and it was decided to stay here in Navojoa for the nite! Navojoa appears to be a medium progressive place. No giant American corporations seem to be represented here. Well, we saw one. A Domino's Pizza. But auto giants are here, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan.