Wednesday, December 09, 2009

World Trade Towers

Remembering the World Trade Towers
There are movies produced before September 11, 2001 which have scenes that include the World Trade Towers as they were before that terrible day. "Working Girl"[1988] starring Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith is one of these movies.

Although I've written before in my blog about those scenes in "Working Girl", I am writing again because I watched this movie tonite.

The last scene of the movie really gets to me. The camera pans out from a close up shot of Melanie Griffith in an office. The camera keeps going backward, until the World Trade Towers are seen from the air. The planes which took out these grand and noble buildings, must have seen this same view in the final seconds before impact.

I am unable to grasp how anybody would be so filled with hate, that they would conceive of such a thing as to destroy these magnificent buildings and kill the thousands who died inside.
World Trade Towers - As they were.

How's the paint job doing?
In 2007, MsTioga had a major fiberglass and paint job. You may read about that [here]. This coming spring will be three years since that fiberglass and paint job. Readers have wondered how all of that is holding up.

Well, it is holding up great! The many predictions of the fiberglass cracking did not come to be. The fiberglass is rock solid. Strong as can be.

MsTioga is painted with the older one-coat system. I bought this paint from DuPont paint dealers here in Mexico. I do not know exactly what they call this paint. But it is a one stage system [no clear coat required] and it is soooooooo durable! This paint stays shiny bright.

No waxing and buffing is necessary for this paint!

Yesterday I was cleaning off bugs and stuff from MsTioga's front end. Some of the bugs were really stuck. I had to use an abrasive kitchen pad soaked in Blue Coral Wash & Wax solutiion. The bugs came off completely, and the paint finish is NOT scratched. If I did this same thing with a clear coated paint, I would have ruined the paint job!

9AM - Going out for breakfast.
Ed invited me to go out for breakfast. He chose an open-air restaurant specializing in birria [goat meat stew]. Ed ordered his birria in a bowl of soup. I got a bowl of clear birria soup and two birria tacos.

After breakfast, we drove to a nearby outdoor bakery and bought bread which was very sweet and good. Also some round donut shaped cookies.

6PM - Doing maintenance.
These past two days have been very easy ones. We are hooked up to Ed's electric power, which means that Mr. Datastorm may be online all day long. That's a pretty neat thing that is not possible with Mr. Sunny's solar electric system during the winter. Solar electric power is very precious during the months of November thru April.

This afternoon we did some maintenance. Checked the house and starter batteries under MsTioga's hood. We have these batteries on a 30-day maintenance schedule. For some reason, if the starter battery is not maintained every 30 days, the cable connection gets faulty and the starter sometimes does not turn over. But if we do battery maintenance every 30 days, we never have that problem.

We also had to top off the power steering fluid. Very unusual! We have not had to top off power steering for more than a couple of years. We added fluid with stop-leak.