Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another party

Another party!
Weng is throwing another party this afternoon. This party is for her two children. Tommy who is turning 10 and Kavena who will be six. Weng wants the kids to have piñatas and the place to buy piñatas around here is San Blas.

MsTioga has offered to drive Weng to San Blas, which is about 10 miles north from Aticama. Weng needs a ride, because her Dodge van is not running well. The van seems to have developed a transmission problem!

Note: If you do not know about piñatas, we will describe them to you later today!

10AM - No show!
Weng and her house guest Ruth promised to be here for the trip to San Blas at 8am. They have not showed up. We wonder what happened?

Blustery morning.
Matanchen Bay is usually calm. This morning there are little white caps out in the bay. The wind is whistling around MsTioga's windows.

12 Noon - MsTioga's GPS System
We just updated our MsTioga Magazine story about our GPS system. This update includes info about our Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS [link].
Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS

1PM - Birthday party postponed!
Weng's oldest son Francis came by MsTioga to let us know that the birthday party is postponed one week. It seems that the road to Hill Top Home is being paved with large river stones. This work blocks the road. So, the party has been delayed one week!

5PM - Casa Mañana!
The restaurant at the Casa Mañana Hotel serves a shrimp burger that I am wild about. There is a WiFi access point inside the restaurant, and I am making this blog post there.

The restaurant is located right next to the bay. There is a bit of a breeze whipping up the waves against the sea wall. It is very beautiful.

Aticama neighbors Jim & Ginnie Chapman are eating here too, and I am going to join them!
View from my table.