Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arctic to Argentina

Arctic to Argentina!
There is a family staying for one nite in the Paraiso Escondido Hotel at La Playa de Matanchen. This family has taken on the remarkable challenge of bicycling from the Arctic to Argentina!

Yesterday afternoon, Ingrid who is the wife and mother of this family came to MsTioga in order to use our internet access. Ingrid left behind a tiny music recording device which we are going to return this morning.

Little Mavicita wants to take pics of the family as they are setting off to continue their journey. And, we want to share with you a bit of their amazing story!

9:30AM - Tomlinson family.
Just a few minutes ago, Ingrid, Sean and Kate Tomlinson biked down the beach, crossed the little creek and headed south thru Aticama. The Scottish family began their bike journey north of the Arctic Circle in Canada. Their goal is Argentina, in South America.

On average, the family travels 7 miles/hour and 45 miles/day. Each of them consume 1 gallon of water per day. And every ounce of stuff they carry is pulled along on their bicycles!

This is not a wealthy family. They have a travel budget. So far, things have been going well for them. They do not have a blog which would allow us to follow along with them. Ingrid has put us on her email contact list. If there is a way that I am able to work with Ingrid to get a blog started, I will do it. The family certainly could use internet friends that such a blog might bring.
Sean & Ingrid.

Sean-43, daughter Kate-9 and Ingrid-42.